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01 January 2004

Priorities of the Irish Presidency

The Irish Presidency Programme has been drawn up in the context of the Multi-Annual Strategic Programme for 2004-2006 and the Operational Programme for the Council for 2004 which has been drawn up by the Irish and Dutch Presidencies.

The Irish Presidency Programme identifies four priority objectives. These are:

  • A successful enlargement of the EU to include 10 new Member States;
  • Working Together for Economic Growth, with emphasis on pursuing the Lisbon Strategy to make Europe the most competitive economy in the world; A Safer Union, by developing the Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice;
  • Global Engagement with the Outside World. The EU will work towards the promotion of a fairer, peaceful and more secure world.

    The Irish Presidency will give high priority to making progress on the Financial Services Action Plan in order to ensure that an integrated financial services market can become a reality by 2005.

    It will also progress discussions on the first legislative proposals emerging from the Corporate Governance and Auditing Action Plans which are designed to ensure European business practice and governance operate to the highest international standards.

    The Presidency will work to achieve progress in the area of consumer protection including the proposals on unfair commercial practices and enforcement cooperation. It will also seek to significantly advance work on the forthcoming Framework Directive on Services, regarded as a key measure to complete the Internal Market

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