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07 April 2015

EIOPA re-prioritises its 2015 Work Programme to align it with the budget

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As a result of a reduction of EIOPA's budget by 7,6%, 31 products were reduced in scope, 12 downgraded and 27 were cut entirely from the Work Programme.

EIOPA’s Work Programme 2015 is the outcome of the Authority’s annual planning round and was approved by EIOPA’s Board of Supervisors in September 2014.

The revised version presented here represents a series of exercises designed to establish where the greatest need for the Authority’s work lies following a budget cut of more than 7% compared with the budget underlying the original plan. The reprioritisation established where EIOPA should focus its resources, both human and financial, allowing for appropriate prioritisation of tasks, and ongoing monitoring of deliverables, having in mind its longer term strategic goals.

It provides transparency and accountability to EIOPA’s main stakeholders and serves internally as a management toolkit, linking the specific deliverables of the Authority to its strategy.

The exercise for 2015 commenced with an assessment of EIOPA’s strategy, which was re-structured into five strategic goals, stemming from its founding Regulation and aimed at improving the functioning of the internal market, in particular by ensuring a high, effective and consistent level of regulation and supervision in the EU, with a focus on insurance and pensions. These goals are:

  • To ensure transparency, simplicity, accessibility and fairness across the internal market for consumers
  • To lead the development of sound and prudent regulations supporting the EU internal market
  • To improve the quality, efficiency and consistency of the supervision of EU insurers and occupational pensions
  • To identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks and threats to the financial stability of the insurance and occupational pensions sectors
  • EIOPA to act as a modern, competent and professional organisation, with effective governance arrangements, efficient processes and a positive reputation

Each product or service that will be delivered by the Authority in 2015 has a clear objective, which links to one of these five goals. This provides clarity on the purpose and value of EIOPA’s work, and enables prioritisation of the many competing demands there are for EIOPA’s limited resources.

The following sections of the Work Programme have been broken down by strategic goal and provide an overview of EIOPA’s main areas of work under each. More detail on specific products and services can be found in Annex I, which includes the allocation of resources.

Full Work Programme


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