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Graham writes articles throughout the year. Sometimes these are commissioned for a publication, but often they arise from his personal involvement in thought-leadership discussions where it seems useful to set down the key elements of the argument - and then give a personal view, based on his independent analysis of the factors that will eventually enhance a genuinely single market in financial services in the EU. Generally, these are available to corporate clients only

N.B. Since 2010, Graham has written about 20 articles that include specific policy ideas, and these are often the trigger for getting detailed reactions from policy-makers. These articles can be found here.

Pre-2006 articles, papers, book contributions and speeches (if published) are available publicly.

Graham is a frequent speaker at a wide range of types of events. The full listing of his speeches is available here (see also links to videos of selected, major thought-pieces below the speeches).

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2016 Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches
2016-12-06 125th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2016-11-08 124th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2016-11-07 DLT: technically and legally feasible?
2016-10-11 123rd Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2016-10-03 PM May to the Conservative Party: Hard Brexit
2016-09-19 “Clearing”: Will CCPs move to the Eurozone?
2016-09-13 The EU’s “Swiss Model”: will it even exist in 2017?
2016-09-13 122nd Brussels for Breakfast – the Blog
2016-07-25 Brexit and CMU
2016-07-18 Impact of Brexit on Banking Union
2016-07-14 Referendum on Brexit Terms: Worst-case WTO rules are the only way to avoid it
2016-07-12 121st Brussels for Breakfast – the Blog
2016-07-05 Stiff Upper Lips at the Bank of England: July Financial Stability Report
2016-06-28 Graham Bishop 30 minute webcast: Brexit effects on the UK financial services industry and economy
2016-06-24 A sad day for Britain: Brexit
2016-06-06 Insoluble Contradictions of the Leavers’ Policies: A Scenario for Timeline to Reality
2016-05-24 12th Brussels for Brunch: A month to the Brexit Referendum
2016-05-11 Insolvency reform: is it still the really high-hanging fruit?
2016-05-04 Securitisation: the next low-hanging fruit of CMU?
2016-05-03 Britain’s Future in Europe: The known Plan A to remain, or the unknown Plan B to leave
2016-04-26 £350m p.w. Falsehood by the Leave Campaigns
2016-04-20 Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
2016-04-11 Why Britain should “Remain In” the EU: Three Project Fs - Future, Fantasy and Fear
2016-04-06 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – March 2016
2016-03-31 Should supporters of free markets support Britain’s continuing membership of the EU?
2016-03-23 119th Brussels for Breakfast: Reflections on the post-Summit Brexit discussion at `B4B’
2016-03-14 `Fin Tech’ Payments: the Revolution Ahead
2016-03-09 Launch of CPD courses with a lecture at Cass Business School - organised by The CISI
2016-03-07 The Call for Evidence
2016-03-02 Spanish political deadlock hits turning point with PSOE trying to win confidence vote
2016-02-25 The Eurozone: IN and OUT relations
2016-02-20 The European Council/UK “Deal”
2016-02-18 Graham Bishop speech at the London School of Economics
2016-02-16 118th Brussels for Breakfast
2016-02-15 IN Facts: Post-Brexit City firms must still abide by rules
2016-02-03 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – January 2016
2016-02-02 Brexit: The Tusk letter - Some initial thoughts
2016-01-04 The Importance of being `Equivalent’

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