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Graham writes articles throughout the year. Sometimes these are commissioned for a publication, but often they arise from his personal involvement in thought-leadership discussions where it seems useful to set down the key elements of the argument - and then give a personal view, based on his independent analysis of the factors that will eventually enhance a genuinely single market in financial services in the EU. Generally, these are available to corporate clients only

N.B. Since 2010, Graham has written about 20 articles that include specific policy ideas, and these are often the trigger for getting detailed reactions from policy-makers. These articles can be found here.

Pre-2006 articles, papers, book contributions and speeches (if published) are available publicly.

Graham is a frequent speaker at a wide range of types of events. The full listing of his speeches is available here (see also links to videos of selected, major thought-pieces below the speeches).

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2010 Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches
2010-12-20 December 2010 Financial Services Month in Brussels
2010-12-01 Some Implications of the Irish crisis by Graham Bishop 01 December 2010
2010-09-07 Graham Bishop: EU waves flag for consumers
2010-07-23 Europe in Crisis or a Closer Union?
2010-06-11 Bishop: The European crisis – crossing a watershed on integrating economic governance but continued fragmentation of financial regulation?
2010-05-12 A push for ‘more Europe’ on supervision
2010-04-25 Market Discipline on Eurozone Public Debt - amend SGP Regulation and CRD IV
2010-03-25 Federal Trust report on financial regulation: Britain’s next European challenge?
2010-02-15 Some reflections after my visit: Some devils leap out of the detail of implementing G20 recommendations in Japan

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