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Graham writes articles throughout the year. Sometimes these are commissioned for a publication, but often they arise from his personal involvement in thought-leadership discussions where it seems useful to set down the key elements of the argument - and then give a personal view, based on his independent analysis of the factors that will eventually enhance a genuinely single market in financial services in the EU. Generally, these are available to corporate clients only

N.B. Since 2010, Graham has written about 20 articles that include specific policy ideas, and these are often the trigger for getting detailed reactions from policy-makers. These articles can be found here.

Pre-2006 articles, papers, book contributions and speeches (if published) are available publicly.

Graham is a frequent speaker at a wide range of types of events. The full listing of his speeches is available here (see also links to videos of selected, major thought-pieces below the speeches).

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2015 Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches
2015-12-18 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – December 2015
2015-12-17 Commission Green Paper on Consumer Financial Services: This Time, `Fintech’ may make it happen!
2015-12-16 Face-to-face between Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy and PSOE’s Pedro Sánchez: who won the debate?
2015-12-15 116th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-12-09 Rajoy promises there will be no more cuts but EU Commission calls for further reforms
2015-12-07 Tusk to Cameron: “in-work benefits” may be a deal-breaker (to save 0.1% of GDP and ensure Cameron is in the history books!)
2015-12-04 What would a PP-C’s government look like?
2015-11-30 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – November 2015
2015-11-25 Introductory remarks to the House of Lords EU Committee
2015-11-17 115th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-11-16 Reforming the EU and Completing the Economic and Monetary Union
2015-11-12 Heading for Spanish general election
2015-11-10 The “STS” securitisation proposal: will it deliver for CMU?
2015-11-10 European Movement (UK): Graham Bishop elected to Executive Committee
2015-11-04 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – October 2015
2015-11-02 Completing Economic and Monetary Union
2015-10-27 The next Spanish Parliament will be a pact between the 'old politics' and 'new politics'
2015-10-23 The amazing rise of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the UK’s Labour Party: What are the policy implications?
2015-10-20 114th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-10-05 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – September 2015
2015-10-01 What is CMU?
2015-10-01 It’s time for a 29th regime
2015-09-16 113th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-09-07 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – August 2015
2015-09-02 What is CMU?
2015-07-29 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – July 2015
2015-07-14 112th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-07-08 The Hellenes are heading for Hades - the votes of 4m cannot bind 250m voters
2015-07-06 Greece: the problem of social culture, not just finance, economics and politics
2015-07-06 ESMA: Advisers on your life savings should be “knowledgeable and competent” – shock horror!
2015-07-06 Greek-style democracy: 4m vote each Greek elector a [€20,000] present from the other 250m euro area electors. Culture change needed!
2015-07-05 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – June 2015
2015-06-16 111th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-06-12 Graham Bishop Articles on CMU for Financial World June/July 2015
2015-06-03 Greek politics: would a referendum cut the Gordian knot?
2015-06-03 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – May 2015
2015-05-29 City of London opinion hardens to support Britain remaining a member of the EU
2015-05-27 Is the time `ripe’ for Eurobills?
2015-05-21 Cameron’s mask slips: He really wants to leave the EU - if The Times revelation of his key negotiating ploy is correct
2015-05-20 110th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-05-14 After the UK election: what chance of Brexit?
2015-05-11 Progress on financial integration: the scoreboard on the way to CMU
2015-05-06 Shaking the structure of financial markets: Unbundling research costs and execution (Part 3)
2015-05-05 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – April 2015
2015-04-14 109th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-04-01 'Deepening EMU' - Round-up of Key Events - March 2015
2015-03-31 UK current account deficit 2014: biggest since 1948 - very frightening!
2015-03-26 108th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-03-17 A spring in the step at the Lib Dem conference
2015-03-04 Location of Central Counter Parties (CCPs)
2015-03-03 Graham Bishop speaks about Europe at Global Independent Research Conference in London
2015-02-24 Greece: the good news appears to continue
2015-02-23 Eurogroup statement: Greece gets breathing space
2015-02-20 Greek tragedy or bright future?
2015-02-17 107th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-02-16 Time for Greece to take the olive branches
2015-02-04 Tsipras looks over the brink – and seems to draw back: Phew!
2015-02-03 `Deepening EMU' - Round-up of Key Events - January 2015
2015-01-26 Greece: Additonal positive thinking by EU can bring a transformation
2015-01-25 Greece: the `1789’ moment - but via the ballot box rather than guillotine
2015-01-21 Greece: Are more bailouts inevitable? No – if Syriza wins
2015-01-13 106th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-01-09 A day to shake the financial markets: unbundling execution costs from research
2015-01-09 Legal underpinnings for CMU
2015-01-06 Spot the difference between Brown and Osborne: Rivers of national tears to flow abroad

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