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Europe's financial markets will be more integrated, safer and easier to access thanks to steps mapped out by the Commission in its FinTech action plan. The plan will help the financial industry make use of the rapid advances in technology such as blockchain and other IT applications and strengthen cyber resilience. This will benefit consumers, investors, banks and new market players. Commission Action Plan

Fin Tech Regulation

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2022 Fin Tech Regulation
2022-12-30 BCBS: Prudential treatment of cryptoasset exposures
2022-12-08 ECB's Panetta: Crypto dominos: the bursting crypto bubbles and the destiny of digital finance
2022-12-05 Commissioner McGuinness at EU Delegation in London on the EU Crypto-Asset Strategy
2022-11-30 Committee MEPs discuss impact of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange collapse
2022-11-30 CPMI and IOSCO report on financial market infrastructures' cyber resilience finds reasonably high adoption of cyber guidance but highlights
2022-11-30 ECB's Bindseil/ Schaaf: Bitcoin’s last stand
2022-11-30 CEPR's Danielsson: The beginning of the end for cryptocurrencies
2022-11-30 Project Syndicate's Harold James: Faking It, Making It, Losing It
2022-11-28 Digital finance: Council adopts Digital Operational Resilience Act
2022-11-23 Remarks by the IOSCO Fintech Task Force Chair at Singapore Fintech Festival - Applying and Adapting IOSCO Principles to Digital Asset Market
2022-11-23 UK Finance: Regulatory reporting for digital banks: how to stay creative, innovative but compliant with regulation
2022-11-22 Digital New Deal: Report Finds ‘Algorithmic Audits’ Need More Clarity to Bring Accountability to AI
2022-11-14 Council: Declaration on digital rights and principles: EU values and citizens at the centre of digital transformation
2022-11-14 Council: Declaration on digital rights and principles: EU values and citizens at the centre of digital transformation
2022-11-11 Cybersecurity: Parliament adopts new law to strengthen EU-wide resilience
2022-11-09 Project Syndicate's Eichengreen: The Trilemma of Central Bank Digital Currencies
2022-11-03 EURACTIV: Britain proposes regulation of all cryptoassets
2022-10-31 Digital Markets Act: rules for digital gatekeepers to ensure open markets enter into force
2022-10-25 FCA launches discussion on competition impacts of Big Tech on financial services industry
2022-10-24 EBF: Open Finance must be approached as part of the European data economy to drive innovation and new consumer experiences
2022-10-19 CFA: Introducing an Ethical Decision Framework to Guide Responsible AI in Investment Management
2022-10-19 City A.M: Crypto has ‘serious deficiencies in governance’, warns Bank of England official
2022-10-17 FSB makes proposals to achieve greater convergence in cyber incident reporting
2022-10-17 Competent authorities have applied a risk-based approach to the supervision of ICT risk management, the EBA analysis suggests
2022-10-14 FBF: Study: the French and cybersecurity – Perceptions and behaviour
2022-10-06 MEPs call for using blockchain to fight tax evasion and an end to crypto asset non-taxation
2022-10-06 BIS: Big tech regulation: in search of a new framework
2022-10-05 Bruegel's Carugati: How the European Union can best apply the Digital Markets Act
2022-09-21 BEUC: Distance Marketing of Financial Services
2022-09-16 State of the Union: New EU cybersecurity rules ensure more secure hardware and software products
2022-09-14 CEPS: The AI Act and emerging EU digital acquis - Overlaps, gaps and inconsistencies
2022-09-14 BIS: Cyber risk in central banking
2022-08-31 BIS: Big Techs vs Banks
2022-07-21 InsuranceEurope: Insurers are acting on non-affirmative cyber exposures
2022-07-20 DMA: Council gives final approval to new rules for fair competition online
2022-07-20 CPMI and IOSCO publish final guidance on stablecoin arrangements confirming application of Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures
2022-07-20 CPMI and IOSCO publish final guidance on stablecoin arrangements confirming application of Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures
2022-07-14 Commission welcomes political agreement on the Digital Decade policy programme driving a successful digital transformation in Europe
2022-07-06 Digital Services Package: Commission welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of the EU's new rulebook for digital services
2022-07-04 Bruegel: Is MiCA the end of the crypto wild-west?
2022-07-02 FERMA’s views on the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act initiative: the need for a risk-based global approach
2022-07-01 MEPs call for using blockchain to fight tax evasion and an end to crypto asset non-taxation
2022-07-01 AFME welcomes agreement on the Markets in Crypto Assets Proposal(MiCA)
2022-06-29 The EFR published its position paper “Artificial Intelligence”
2022-06-27 EBF Position paper on the proposal for a Regulation on harmonised rules on fair access to and use of data (Data Act)
2022-06-14 Finextra: Money 20/20 EU: How ‘web2.5’ and DLT are propelling financial services forward
2022-06-10 Finextra: Apple cuts out banks to offer BNPL loans directly
2022-06-08 SUERF: Cybersecurity and financial stability
2022-06-07 BIS: Blockchain scalability and the fragmentation of crypto
2022-06-03 ECB's Panetta: Adapting to the fast-moving cyber threat landscape: no room for complacency
2022-05-31 InsuranceEurope: Insurers call on EC to clarify cyber security rules
2022-05-27 OECD: Blockchain at the frontier
2022-05-18 UK Finance: Will the ‘big four’ finally become real financial services challengers?
2022-05-17 Insurance Europe: Data Act welcomed but more work needed to unlock value in EU data economy
2022-05-16 Digital Markets Act: EP committee endorses agreement with Council
2022-05-16 Council approves Data Governance Act
2022-05-13 Commission welcomes political agreement on new rules on cybersecurity of network and information systems
2022-05-13 Comments of the German Banking Industry Committee on the European Data Act proposal
2022-05-11 Bruegel: Insights for successful enforcement of Europe’s Digital Markets Act
2022-05-11 Council: Digital finance: Provisional agreement reached on DORA
2022-05-11 ECON: Provisional deal on protecing the EU’s financial system from cyber attacks and ICT disruptions
2022-05-06 EIOPA reacts to stakeholders’ views on blockchain in insurance
2022-04-28 FT: Why the UK joined the race to woo the crypto industry
2022-04-27 Chatham House: What is the metaverse?
2022-04-23 Commission: Digital Services Act: Commission welcomes political agreement on rules ensuring a safe and accountable online environment
2022-04-21 CER: Will the Digital Services Act save Europe from disinformation?
2022-04-13 IMF blog: Fast-Moving FinTech Poses Challenge for Regulators
2022-04-08 ECB's Panetta: More than an intellectual game: exploring the monetary policy and financial stability implications of central bank digital cu
2022-04-08 ESMA's Ross: Launch of the EU Digital Finance Platform
2022-04-08 IRSG: The future of international data transfers
2022-04-08 Commissioner McGuinness at the launch of the EU Digital Finance Platform
2022-03-30 ECA: Cybersecurity of EU institutions, bodies and agencies : Level of preparedness overall not commensurate with the threats
2022-03-25 Digital Markets Act: Commission welcomes political agreement on rules to ensure fair and open digital markets
2022-03-23 Oliver Wyman's Elliott: Key Questions for Digital Asset Regulation
2022-03-21 FSB report finds that COVID-19 has accelerated the trend towards digitalisation of retail financial services
2022-03-21 Finextra: Big Tech and fintechs extend grip on financial services - FSB
2022-03-18 POLITICO: Brussels split over who will be crypto watchdog
2022-03-02 CEPS: The Data Act: six impossible things before breakfast?
2022-03-02 ICMA response to ESMA Call for Evidence on a DLT Pilot Regime
2022-02-23 Data Act: Commission proposes measures for a fair and innovative data economy
2022-02-16 FSB warns of emerging risks from crypto-assets to global financial stability
2022-02-16 Vox: The Digital Markets Act: An economic perspective on the final negotiations
2022-02-09 ESMA's Ross: Keeping on track in an evolving digital world
2022-02-09 IMF's Georgieva: The Future of Money: Gearing up for Central Bank Digital Currency
2022-02-07 Joint European Supervisory Authority response
2022-02-07 The ESAs recommend actions to ensure the EU’s regulatory and supervisory framework remains fit-for-purpose in the digital age
2022-02-07 ESMA: Report on Call for evidence on Digital Finance
2022-01-28 Oliver Wyman's Elliott: Are Cryptoassets Tulips or Dot-coms?
2022-01-28 OECD: Why Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Matters and the Policy Implications
2022-01-27 City AM: CME crypto futures
2022-01-26 European Parliament: Digital Services Act: regulating platforms for a safer online space for users
2022-01-26 BIS: Gatekeeping the gatekeepers: when big techs and fintechs own banks – benefits, risks and policy options
2022-01-25 BIS Innovation Hub to focus on CBDC, payments, DeFi and green finance in 2022 work programme
2022-01-24 CER: How the Digital Markets Act will challenge consumers
2022-01-20 Speech by Executive Vice-President Vestager on the Digital Services Act
2022-01-20 EURACTIV: Russia proposes ban on use and mining of cryptocurrencies on its territory
2022-01-19 ISDA: Developing Contractual Standards for Crypto Derivatives
2022-01-17 IOSCO consults on measures to address risks arising from digitalisation of retail marketing and distribution
2022-01-14 IMF: Crypto Prices Move More in Sync With Stocks, Posing New Risks
2022-01-11 CER: No pain, no gain? The Digital Markets Act
2022-01-10 SUERF: The encrypted threat: Bitcoin’s social cost and regulatory responses

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