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Europe's financial markets will be more integrated, safer and easier to access thanks to steps mapped out by the Commission in its FinTech action plan. The plan will help the financial industry make use of the rapid advances in technology such as blockchain and other IT applications and strengthen cyber resilience. This will benefit consumers, investors, banks and new market players. Commission Action Plan

Fin Tech Regulation

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2019 Fin Tech Regulation
2019-12-19 Accountancy Europe: Independent assurance on the European Single Electronic Format
2019-12-19 European Commission welcomes political agreement to boost crowdfunding in the EU
2019-12-14 VoxEU: AI regulation and firm behaviour
2019-12-13 ESBG: Expert group submits recommendations to EU Commission
2019-12-13 EC: Final report of the Expert Group on regulatory obstacles to financial innovation: recommendations on regulation, innovation and finance
2019-12-09 FSB reports consider financial stability implications of BigTech in finance and third party dependencies in cloud services
2019-12-06 IASB: Big techs and new entrants: threats to financial stability?
2019-12-05 CFA Institute says firms must act today to take advantage of AI and big data opportunities
2019-11-29 Ed Sibley: Innovation in financial services - a regulator's perspective
2019-11-26 IFAC: IAASB Tech Talk
2019-11-21 The Economist: How machine learning is revolutionising market intelligence
2019-11-20 BIS: Welfare implications of digital financial innovation
2019-11-20 BIS: Welfare implications of digital financial innovation
2019-11-19 CSFI: It’s not magic: Weighing the risks of AI in financial services
2019-11-19 BIS: Report on open banking and application programming interfaces (APIs)
2019-11-18 Standardize, Digitize, Distribute: ISDA's Common Domain Model
2019-11-15 BIS: Varying shades of red: how red team testing frameworks can enhance the cyber resilience of financial institutions
2019-11-14 ECIIA: Auditing Cybersecurity within insurance firms
2019-11-11 BIS: Benoît Cœuré appointed to head BIS Innovation Hub
2019-11-05 AFME publishes 14 industry recommendations for supporting the adoption of public cloud in capital markets
2019-10-28 EFAMA: IIFA cybersecurity program basics
2019-10-28 WSBI – ESBG: Cybersecurity: more cooperation at EU level absolutely necessary
2019-10-17 BIS: Regulating fintech: what is going on, and where are the challenges?
2019-10-17 BIS: The suptech generations
2019-10-16 EBF position on Cyber incident reporting
2019-10-09 Insurance Europe: New publication examines insurers’ role in increasing EU cyber resilience
2019-10-08 European Parliament's Joint Research Centre: Blockchain now and tomorrow: assessing the impact of distributed ledger technologies
2019-10-04 VoxEU: The emergence of Big Tech in financial intermediation
2019-10-03 The Economist: The rise of the financial machines
2019-10-01 Financial Times: Tech forecast to destroy more than 200,000 US bank jobs
2019-09-24 VoxEU: Banking, FinTech, Big Tech - Emerging challenges for financial policymakers
2019-09-18 AFME: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Capital Markets: Considerations for a broad framework for transparency
2019-09-16 ECIIA´s Risk in Focus 2020: Hot topics for internal auditors
2019-09-05 City A.M.: Fintech is all the rage, but is the bubble about to burst?
2019-07-19 EBA publishes Report on regulatory perimeter, regulatory status and authorisation approaches in relation to FinTech activities
2019-06-23 BIS: Big tech in finance: opportunities and risks
2019-06-18 IOSCO urges authorities to use existing standards to address cyber risk
2019-05-30 ACCA: Cyber and the CFO
2019-04-25 BIS's Carstens: Central banking and innovation: partners in the quest for financial inclusion
2019-04-10 EBA: ESAs publish joint advice on information and communication technology risk management and cybersecurity
2019-04-08 BIS: BigTech and the changing structure of financial intermediation
2019-04-05 Bank of France's de Galhau: How to develop a "financial Eurosystem" post-Brexit
2019-04-02 European Commission and ESAs launch new platform to improve cooperation on technological innovation in the financial sector
2019-02-18 Financial Times: Do we need a global technology regulator for financial services?
2019-01-21 Financial Times: Banks embrace Fintech to exploit disrupter expertise
2019-01-09 ECMI - Keeping up with Innovation: Designing a European Sandbox for Fintech

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