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Europe's financial markets will be more integrated, safer and easier to access thanks to steps mapped out by the Commission in its FinTech action plan. The plan will help the financial industry make use of the rapid advances in technology such as blockchain and other IT applications and strengthen cyber resilience. This will benefit consumers, investors, banks and new market players. Commission Action Plan

Fin Tech Regulation

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2020 Fin Tech Regulation
2020-12-15 Europe fit for the Digital Age: Commission proposes new rules for digital platforms
2020-12-14 ECB Keeping cyber risk at bay: our individual and joint responsibility
2020-12-08 IRSG: How the trend towards data localisation is impacting the financial services sector
2020-12-07 Data governance act: Video conference of telecommunications ministers
2020-12-02 EP: FinTech Working Group monitors benefits and threats of digital finance
2020-12-02 ECB's Panetta: Money in the digital era
2020-11-13 WSBI-ESBG: Systemic cyber risk
2020-11-13 José Manuel Campa's introductory remarks at the 2020 EBA Policy Research Workshop "New technologies in the banking sector – impacts, risks a
2020-11-11 BIS: An early stablecoin? The Bank of Amsterdam and the governance of money
2020-11-04 ECB's Panetta: The two sides of the (stable)coin
2020-10-30 EPC: Putting meaningful transparency at the heart of the Digital Services Act
2020-10-29 Vox: CBDC architectures, the financial system, and the central bank of the future
2020-10-28 FT: Internal Google document reveals campaign against EU lawmakers
2020-10-27 Vox: Central bank digital currencies: Drivers, approaches, and technologies
2020-10-20 Bloomberg: The New Tools the EU Wants to Crack Down on Big Tech: QuickTake
2020-10-15 FT: France and Netherlands join forces to back EU move against tech giants
2020-10-13 Insurance Europe: Improvements to eIDAS framework needed to promote trusted digital identities for all Europeans
2020-10-12 ECB's Panetta: A digital euro for the digital era
2020-10-12 EIOPA finalises Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology Security and Governance
2020-10-09 Insurance Europe: New EC consumer agenda opportunity to ensure EU rules meet needs and expectations of greener consumers in a digital world
2020-10-09 ESBG: EU digital identity
2020-09-30 MEPs spell out their priorities for the Digital Services Act
2020-09-25 Insurance Europe: Digital Finance Strategy for the EU opportunity to boost innovation in insurance to benefit customers
2020-09-25 ESBG: EU Digital Finance Package: Ambitious, sweeping
2020-09-25 EBF: EU digital finance package is major step forward
2020-09-25 Digital Finance Package: Commission sets out new, ambitious approach to encourage responsible innovation to benefit consumers and businesses
2020-09-23 SSM: Technology exposes banks’ vulnerabilities
2020-09-18 EURACTIV: LEAK: EU to create ‘superbody’ of watchdogs to oversee digital currencies
2020-09-18 EURACTIV: LEAK: Commission plans new revolution for “open finance” in 2022
2020-09-16 EBF:AI inception impact assessment
2020-09-13 AFME: European Capital Markets in the Digital Age
2020-09-10 ESBG Response to European Commission Consultation on the Digital Services Act package
2020-09-09 Insurance Europe: EC digital ID proposals welcomed in principle; should not increase regulatory burden
2020-09-08 Project Syndicate: The Coming Global Technology Fracture
2020-08-27 BIS: Regulating fintech financing: digital banks and fintech platforms
2020-08-11 Commission: What are some of the benefits of the digital transformation of financial services?
2020-08-03 Insurance Europe: New insight briefing: European insurers’ views on artificial intelligence
2020-07-27 ICMA: Joint association letter on digital future for financial markets
2020-07-09 SUERF: Europe’s answer to Libra – potential and prerequisites of a programmable euro
2020-07-04 Accountancy Europe: EC’s consultation on a new digital finance strategy for Europe/FinTech action plan
2020-07-04 EC digital finance strategy must address barriers to innovation in insurance, while ensuring a level regulatory playing field
2020-07-02 ESMA response to EC consultation on a new Digital Finance Strategy for Europe
2020-07-01 The EBA supports the Commission’s proposal for a new Digital Finance Strategy for Europe
2020-07-01 ICMA responds to European Commission Consultation on a new digital finance strategy for Europe / FinTech Action Plan
2020-06-30 Accountancy Europe: EC’s consultation on a new digital finance strategy for Europe/FinTech action plan
2020-06-29 Bundesbank: New BIS Innovation Hub Centre for global financial innovation to be set up jointly in Frankfurt and Paris
2020-06-29 EIOPA responds to the European Commission’s Digital Finance Strategy consultation
2020-06-26 ALFI responds to EU Commission consultation on digital finance strategy for Europe
2020-06-23 EURACTIV: Commission to present ‘strong’ rules for Facebook’s Libra
2020-06-15 Insurance Europe: Key messages published on EIOPA cyber strategy
2020-06-13 EURACTIV: Commission charts new competition tool ‘fit for the digital age’
2020-06-13 Insurance Europe: European insurers call for principles-based EU framework for AI that supports innovation
2020-06-03 POLITICO: France, Italy double down on digital tax amid US threats
2020-05-21 SCT Inst scheme gaining further traction in Europe
2020-05-13 CEPS: How to Fully Reap the Benefits of the Internal Market for E-Commerce?
2020-05-04 Politico: Deal on global digital tax plan may be delayed until 2021
2020-04-27 Vox: Embedded supervision: How to regulate Libra 2.0 and the token economy
2020-04-17 First cohort of firms join rebranded IA FinTech hub - Engine
2020-04-14 FSB consultation: Addressing the regulatory, supervisory and oversight challenges raised by “global stablecoin” arrangements
2020-04-14 Politico: Coronavirus knocks fintech, payments down Commission priorities
2020-04-06 CSFI/Birch: The Digital Currency Revolution
2020-04-03 Commission consultation on a new digital finance strategy for Europe / FinTech action plan
2020-04-03 Commission consultation on a new digital finance strategy for Europe / FinTech action plan
2020-03-23 Insurance Europe: No one-size fits all approach to increase EU financial sector cyber resilience
2020-03-12 The AMF publishes an in-depth legal analysis of the application of financial regulations to security tokens
2020-03-05 European Commission: Shaping Europe's digital future: Eurobarometer survey shows support for sustainability and data sharing
2020-03-03 ESMA Chair Steven Maijoor delivers keynote at 4th Annual Fintech Conference
2020-03-02 Financial Times: Cyber security: are fund managers keeping up with regulators?
2020-02-24 Jacques Delors Institute: Big Data, 5G and AI
2020-02-19 Shaping Europe's digital future: Commission presents strategies for data and Artificial Intelligence
2020-02-19 Bloomberg: German savers transform the Baltics into a Fintech vanguard
2020-02-18 POLITICO: Vestager touts AI-powered vision for Europe’s tech future
2020-02-14 POLITICO: Zuckerberg to concede Facebook willing to pay more taxes overseas
2020-02-12 BIS: Working paper: On fintech and financial inclusion
2020-02-11 EIOPA sets out strategies on cyber underwriting and SupTech
2020-02-04 FSB: The value of the LEI for identification in digital processes
2020-01-31 ECA: Big data & digital audit
2020-01-30 BIS: Financial Stability Institute: Policy responses to fintech: a cross-country overview
2020-01-27 ACCA: ‘We can act now’ – accountants and regulators urged to tackle technology being used in economic crime
2020-01-24 ACCA: Building trust and ethics in AI to combat fraud and economic crimes
2020-01-24 EurActiv: LEAK: EU charts 6G future in ambitious industrial plan
2020-01-20 POLITICO: Alphabet, Google CEO: Artificial intelligence needs to be regulated
2020-01-17 Bank of England: How reliant are banks and insurers on cloud outsourcing?
2020-01-10 IMF: Institutional arrangements for fintech regulation and supervision
2020-01-06 Financial Times: Wall Street banks ramp up research into quantum finance

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