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Polls from the UK on Brexit - contrasting with polls around the rest of the EU

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Opinion Polling - 20207 articles out of 7.

Opinion Polling - 2019102 articles out of 102.

2018 Opinion Polling
2018-12-20 Chatham House: As Brexit deadline beckons, few signs of change in British attitudes
2018-12-05 Financial Times: UK service industry barometer hits lowest level since Brexit vote
2018-12-05 The Times: Brexit poll shows growing number believe Leave vote was a mistake
2018-11-30 The Independent: Brexit: More voters prefer staying in EU to Theresa May's deal, new poll claims
2018-11-29 LSE: Is the UK having a rethink on Brexit?
2018-11-20 New IoD survey shows business leaders back withdrawal deal
2018-11-20 YouGov: Remain voters convinced they would win a second Brexit referendum
2018-11-16 Sky News: Majority of Brits now against Brexit and back second EU referendum - Sky Data poll
2018-11-15 YouGov: Britain does not back Theresa May's Brexit deal
2018-11-13 The Guardian: Poll: one in five 'private' voters have changed their mind on Brexit
2018-11-05 POLITICO: UK poll predicts 8-point victory for Remain in second Brexit vote
2018-11-03 POLITICO: Most British voters want Brexit compromise, but Tories don’t
2018-11-02 The Guardian: Majority in all Labour seats back second referendum, study says
2018-10-22 UK in a Changing Europe: A nation of remainers and leavers? how Brexit has forged a new sense of identity
2018-10-19 UK in a Changing Europe: No-deal Brexit: survey reveals 44% of people expect the UK to crash out of EU
2018-10-17 POLITICO: UK support for Remain jumps in EU survey
2018-10-17 The Guardian: Divided Britain: study finds huge chasm in attitudes
2018-10-15 BBC: Voters split over post-Brexit economy, survey suggests
2018-09-30 The Times: ‘Wake-up call’ for Tories as business loses faith in party
2018-09-30 Financial Times: UK finance gears up for post-Brexit moves to Europe
2018-09-28 The Independent: 80% of Conservative supporters want Theresa May to stand down before next general election, survey finds
2018-09-28 Bloomberg: Most UK firms are still unprepared for Brexit, survey finds
2018-09-23 Financial Times: Poll shows 86% of Labour members want new Brexit vote
2018-09-21 New EEF/ComRes research shows one in six manufacturers say business will become untenable with a no-deal Brexit
2018-09-21 Commercial Risk Europe: UK SMEs prioritise GDPR and cyber over Brexit: Zurich
2018-09-17 Bloomberg: May will fight off rivals to deliver Brexit, academics predict
2018-09-08 The Observer: Bombshell poll reveals heavy union backing for second Brexit vote
2018-09-06 ICAS: Brexit process needs more clarity, say finance professionals
2018-09-04 Bloomberg: UK would vote against Brexit in second referendum, study says
2018-09-03 The Independent: Women support remaining in the EU by 12-point margin, poll finds
2018-09-03 The Telegraph: Most voters in Tory marginals believe Chequers is 'bad for Britain' as critics say it is more hated than poll tax
2018-09-03 The Independent: 2.6 million Leave voters have abandoned support for Brexit since referendum, major new study finds
2018-08-30 The Guardian: Four in five civil service specialists dissatisfied with handling of Brexit
2018-08-14 The Independent: Public backing for Final Say referendum leaps amid division over May's Brexit plans
2018-08-10 Reuters: UK voters should make final Brexit decision if talks with EU collapse - poll
2018-08-09 The Independent: Voters in region critical to Tory election victory swing against Brexit, poll claims
2018-07-30 Sky Data poll: 78% think the government is doing a bad job on Brexit
2018-07-27 YouGov: For the first time, more people support a second referendum
2018-07-26 COVI: What do millennials want from Brexit?
2018-07-09 ORB monthly Brexit Tracker (July 2018)
2018-07-04 YouGov: 69% of Brits think Brexit is going badly: who do they think is to blame?
2018-07-02 New Europe: Pessimism surges in the UK’s financial sector
2018-06-25 City AM: EU business bosses prefer free trade agreement to customs union
2018-06-23 The Economist: Support for Britain’s exit from the EU is waning
2018-06-22 Financial Times: Survey finds 48% of Brits support referendum on final Brexit deal
2018-06-14 The Times: Two thirds of voters think Theresa May is making a mess of Brexit
2018-06-09 The Observer: Leave voters losing faith in Tories' handling of Brexit, poll suggests
2018-06-08 The Independent: Brexit causes surge in support for united Ireland, poll finds
2018-06-07 Bloomberg: Brexit divides Scots with more warming to economics of independence
2018-06-03 BBC: The English question: Young are less proud of nationality
2018-06-02 Financial Times: Younger Britons are happy for Britain to be a ‘vassal state’
2018-05-31 ICAS: Pessimism over Brexit's impact is deepening
2018-05-25 Prospect Magazine: New polling analysis reveals that a second referendum would swing to Remain
2018-05-23 POLITICO: Europeans love the EU (and populists too)
2018-05-21 The Guardian: Support for Brexit falls sharply in Northern Ireland
2018-05-19 The Guardian: Tories take four-point lead over Labour in latest survey
2018-05-08 The Independent: Support for Ireland staying in the EU hits record high of 92%, latest poll shows
2018-05-02 The Guardian: Voter confidence that Brexit talks will end successfully at new low, poll suggests
2018-04-22 Chronicle Live: Brexit: Over half the North East wants to keep the single market
2018-04-19 The Economist: Could Britain stand another vote on Brexit?
2018-04-19 Bloomberg: No, the UK isn't going to rejoin Europe
2018-04-18 The Guardian: Each Brexit scenario will leave Britain worse off, study finds
2018-04-08 Bloomberg: Britons back holding a vote on May's Brexit deal
2018-03-28 BritainThinks: The Brexit diaries: One year on
2018-03-24 LSE: Identification with Englishness (not class or age) offers the best clue to understanding support for Brexit
2018-03-21 The Huffington Post: Conservative Voters Back Tory Brexit Rebels, New Poll Reveals
2018-02-12 Financial Times: European businesses expect UK soft Brexit, Survey suggests
2018-02-06 POLITICO: UK voters want ministers to prioritize economy after Brexit: poll
2018-02-03 LSE: What do Scots think about Brexit and the EU?
2018-01-28 Two thirds of Ipsos MORI Captains not confident in Government's ability to negotiate with the EU
2018-01-26 The Guardian: Brexit: Britons favour second referendum by 16-point margin – poll
2018-01-11 Second EU referendum would reverse the Brexit vote reveals shock poll for the Mirror

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