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08 May 2018

The Independent: Support for Ireland staying in the EU hits record high of 92%, latest poll shows

Support for Ireland remaining in the European Union has reached near-unanimous levels in the Republic, with a solution to the Brexit border problem looking further off than ever.

A full 92 per cent of the Irish population now support staying in the EU, according to a new survey by pollsters Red C, with just 7 per cent supporting a theoretical “Irexit” and 1 per cent saying they don’t know.

The findings are likely to disappoint British Brexiteers, some of whom have suggested Ireland might follow Britain’s march towards the exit door – and that Irish departure could be a way of solving the border question currently plaguing Brexit talks.


On the contrary, findings appear to show the experience of the Brexit process has further strengthened pro-EU sentiment in Ireland. [...]

Among those aged 18-24 a full 97 per cent support EU membership, the highest figure of any cohort, while Dubliners are 96 per cent in favour. The lowest regional support is in the Connaught/Ulster statistical region, at 89 per cent – still an overwhelming figure.  

87 per cent of those polled believed Ireland had on balance benefited from EU membership, with just 10 per cent disagreeing. Unemployed people were less likely to agree, however, at 70 per cent. [...]

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