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08 June 2018

The Independent: Brexit causes surge in support for united Ireland, poll finds

A poll by YouGov commissioned by the BBC found that a referendum or “border poll” on whether to leave the UK would now be a close-run result, with undecided voters having the casting vote.

Over a quarter of people in the six counties say they have changed their mind since the Brexit vote and now support a united Ireland – bringing polling for a referendum to 45 per cent staying in the UK and 42 per cent leaving it, with 13 per cent undecided.

Brexit has made 28 per cent say they are more likely to support a united Ireland, 27 per cent say they were already likely to support a united Ireland before Brexit, and 40.6 per cent say they still support union with the UK. Just 0.85 per cent of the public say Brexit has made them less likely to support a united Ireland.

Support for the cause is more popular among the younger generation than the old, with 49.4 per cent of under-45s backing a break with the UK compared to 37.7 per cent who want to stay in it. 

Though Catholics are significantly more likely to support joining the Republic than Protestants, a minority of the latter, 8.5 per cent, say they support leaving the UK. An overall majority (50.2 per cent) in Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, support a united Ireland. [...]

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