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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2019 Reporting
2019-07-02 Corporate Reporting Dialogue publishes paper on transparency and accountability
2019-06-20 IASB's Hoogervorst: Strengthening the relevance of financial reporting
2019-06-19 Commission publishes guidelines to improve how firms report climate-related information
2019-06-13 ECA: EU reporting on sustainability and UN development goals still lacking
2019-06-03 European Commission puts forward new rules to support digitalisation and transparency of companies' financial reports
2019-05-23 ACCA: Integrated reporting – telling a company’s entire story, not just the positives
2019-05-21 IPE: SSGA presents ‘game-changing’ ESG scoring system
2019-05-14 ECGI: Accounting for financial stability - lessons from the financial crisis and future challenges
2019-05-13 FRC: Guide to help smaller listed companies improve financial reporting
2019-05-02 FRC: Consultation on revising standards for investment reporting
2019-04-10 ECGI: Firms’ rationales for CEO duality - evidence from a mandatory disclosure regulation
2019-04-02 IASB's Hoogervorst: What sustainability reporting can and cannot achieve
2019-04-02 EIOPA consults on corrections and amendments to the implementing technical standards on reporting and disclosure
2019-04-01 Insurance Europe: Non-binding reporting guidelines for non-financial climate-related information must remain principle-based
2019-03-22 Accountancy Europe/ECIIA response to the Commission consultation on the update of the non-binding guidelines on non-financial reporting
2019-03-21 IASB: Disclosure Initiative—Principles of Disclosure
2019-03-18 ACCA, Deloitte: Closing the 'accounting for intangibles' gap
2019-03-08 ECGI: The data standardization challenge
2019-02-21 EC: Targeted consultation on the update of the non-binding guidelines on non-financial reporting
2019-02-18 Accountancy Europe: Digitalising EU listed companies’ financial information
2019-02-06 FRC: Consultation into improvements to the reporting of intangibles
2019-02-05 ECIIA: EC’s climate-related reporting depends on robust governance
2019-01-21 FRC: Artificial intelligence and corporate reporting
2019-01-18 IOSCO: Statement on disclosure of ESG matters by issuers
2019-01-10 European Commission: Report on climate-related disclosures

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