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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Reporting - 201925 articles out of 25.

Reporting - 201845 articles out of 45.

Reporting - 201748 articles out of 48.

Reporting - 201652 articles out of 52.

Reporting - 201539 articles out of 39.

Reporting - 201424 articles out of 24.

2013 Reporting
2013-12-20 IPSASB publishes ED 54—Recommended Practice Guideline on Reporting Service Performance Information
2013-12-16 ICAEW publishes report calling for changes to disclosure rules
2013-12-16 ACCA: 'Transparency crucial' for the public sector
2013-12-12 Member States endorse agreement on renewal of Union programme for financial reporting and auditing for 2014-2020
2013-12-04 Commissioner Barnier welcomes trilogue agreement on EU co-financing of IFRS Foundation, EFRAG and PIOB
2013-11-18 ESMA: Financial institutions must improve financial statement disclosures
2013-11-06 FEE's comment letter on IAASB's ED on auditor reporting
2013-10-30 EBA publishes final draft ITS on asset encumbrance
2013-10-29 FRC calls to action for improving disclosures
2013-10-25 EFRAG informs European Commission on long-term investing activities business models accounting
2013-10-25 EFRAG comments to the IASB on the specific financial reporting need for long-term investing activities business models
2013-10-22 Economia/Percy: The trouble with true and fair
2013-10-17 Council approves transparency requirements for issuers of securities
2013-10-11 IFAC's policy position paper on enhancing organisational reporting
2013-10-01 Finance executives see common reporting as more of a headache than Solvency II and Basel III
2013-09-20 ACCA: Real-time reporting would give companies 'halo effect'
2013-09-19 EBA consults on draft XBRL Taxonomy for secondary reporting
2013-09-16 EBF comment letter on the EFRAG Bulletin, 'The Role of the Business Model in Financial Reporting'
2013-09-13 Responses to Commission's proposal on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information: EuropeanIssuers, Insurance Europe
2013-09-11 FASB plans to issue ED to improve financial reporting
2013-08-15 FRC consults on strategic report guidance
2013-07-30 FEE: Comment letter on IPSASB Conceptual Framework ED 4
2013-07-26 IFAC: IPSASB publishes RPG 2 on financial statement discussion and analysis
2013-07-22 FT: Quarterly reports come too late for modern investors
2013-07-22 ACCA: Current levels of non-financial disclosure are not sufficient for assessing materiality
2013-07-17 ACCA: Long-term value creation focus in integrated reporting framework is a positive step
2013-07-16 FEE's comment letter to IIRC on the international integrated reporting framework
2013-07-15 EuropeanIssuers: AFEP position on Integrated Reporting
2013-07-15 IFAC's comment letter to IIRC on the international integrated reporting framework
2013-07-05 IASB: Submission to EU consultation on long-term financing
2013-07-04 ACCA: Current non-financial reporting by companies is inadequate for investors
2013-06-27 IASB/Hoogervorst: 'Breaking the boilerplate'
2013-06-26 FRC thought leadership on disclosures to improve financial reporting receives broad support
2013-06-19 IFAC: Strong financial reporting infrastructure supports the integration of the ASEAN capital markets
2013-06-12 Commissioner Barnier welcomes EP vote on Accounting and Transparency Directives (including country by country reporting)
2013-06-06 ACCA: Investors have lost trust in company reports
2013-06-06 ACCA: The new EU draft legislation on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information
2013-06-06 FRC implements lessons from consultation on going concern guidance
2013-05-31 ACCA welcomes Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines
2013-05-30 Statement by Commissioner Barnier welcoming the agreement reached on the revision of the Transparency Directive
2013-05-28 IASB: Feedback statement on disclosure forum
2013-05-13 ACCA/Hughes: Integrated reporting as a future
2013-05-08 EFRAG: Is there a need for specific financial reporting for long-term investing activities business models?
2013-05-08 FRC: New project focusing on accounting policy disclosures and integration of related financial information
2013-05-07 FASB: PCC votes to expose proposed alternatives within US GAAP for private companies
2013-04-24 EFRAG: Feedback statement on the Disclosure Framework Discussion Paper
2013-04-22 FASB: Preparation of statements using the liquidation basis of accounting
2013-04-16 BUSINESSEUROPE: Corporate social responsibility must remain business-driven
2013-04-16 IFAC applauds release of International Integrated Reporting Framework
2013-04-03 ACCA: Application of capitals to integrated reporting explored in new background paper
2013-04-03 ESMA's report of the 13th extract from the EECS's Database of Enforcement
2013-04-02 FASB proposes improvements to reporting discontinued operations
2013-03-26 IFAC: Companies lagging on business model reporting
2013-03-15 IFAC: Principles for Effective Business Reporting Processes
2013-03-14 FRC published FRS 102, The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland
2013-03-06 FASB responds on segment reporting
2013-03-05 FRC: Financial Reporting Lab: 'Reporting of pay and performance'
2013-02-20 FRC: Presentation of market risk disclosures
2013-02-14 ESMA publishes feedback statement to its consultation on considerations of materiality in financial reporting
2013-02-11 FEE commented on FRC discussion paper on thinking about disclosures in a broader context
2013-02-08 EFRAG & FRC issue Feedback Statement on discussion paper, 'Improving the Financial Reporting of Income Tax'
2013-02-07 FASB issues ASU dealing with clarification to fair value disclosure exemption
2013-02-05 FASB issues ASU dealing with reporting reclassifications out of accumulated other comprehensive income
2013-01-25 IASB Chairman Hoogervorst focused on the search for consistency in financial reporting
2013-01-25 FEE: Comment letter on EFRAG-ANC-FRC discussion paper towards a disclosure framework for the notes
2013-01-24 IASB: Joint effort needed to tackle disclosure problem
2013-01-24 EFRAG's comment letter on financial reporting measurement framework
2013-01-21 FT: Goodwill impairment - Getting real
2013-01-21 ESMA: Call for improvements in disclosures related to goodwill impairment
2013-01-21 FT: EU groups face questions over goodwill
2013-01-17 IFAC: New guidance on improving business reporting processes
2013-01-14 FAF Review Team concludes that FASB Statement 131 on segment reporting generally achieves its purpose

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