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Proposal for a Regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 as regards the clearing obligation, the suspension of the clearing obligation, the reporting requirements, the risk-mitigation techniques for OTC derivatives contracts not cleared by a central counterparty, the registration and supervision of trade repositories and the requirements for trade repositories

Proposal for a regulation on a framework for the recovery and resolution of central counterparties

Regulation on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories

CSD Regulation

Settlement across borders presents higher risks and costs for investors within one country. To harmonise rules in this area the EU has adopted a regulation on CSDs (CSDR).

The main objective of the regulation is to increase the safety and efficiency of securities settlement and settlement infrastructures in the EU.


Securities financing transactions (SFTs) allow investors and firms to use assets, such as the shares or bonds they own, to secure funding for their activities.

Regulation on transparency of securities financing transactions 





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Clearing and Settlement - 201926 articles out of 26.

Clearing and Settlement - 201844 articles out of 44.

2017 Clearing and Settlement
2017-12-14 International standard-setting bodies launch surveys on incentives to centrally clear OTC derivatives trades
2017-12-04 VOX: Empirical evidence on the failure of central clearing counterparties
2017-11-23 The Economist: In a pre-Brexit skirmish with the City, Eurex takes on LCH
2017-11-20 ISDA/AFME Briefing Note on SA-CCR
2017-11-14 ECB's Mersch: Evolving regulatory environment for CCPs – the perspective of a Central Bank
2017-10-10 EurActiv: EU lawmakers tentatively back Brexit clearing law that could clobber Britain
2017-10-09 ESMA updates list of recognised third-country CCPs
2017-10-03 Commission backs greater European Central Bank regulatory powers for clearing systems to fulfil its monetary policy responsibilities
2017-09-19 ECB: Final migration wave of T2S successfully completed
2017-09-18 ISDA publishes recommendations for CCP recovery and resolution framework
2017-09-12 Financial Times: US derivatives regulator warns EU over clearing plans
2017-09-11 Report from the Commission on the need to temporarily exclude exchange-traded derivatives
2017-09-08 Bloomberg: UK's bid to retain Euro clearing after Brexit gains EU allies
2017-08-25 Responses received to ESMA's consultation on CCPs management of conflict of interest
2017-08-21 ISDA: Brexit – CCP location and legal uncertainty
2017-07-11 ESMA provides guidelines for supervisory cooperation regarding CSDs
2017-07-10 Results of the June 2017 survey on credit terms and conditions in euro-denominated securities financing and OTC markets
2017-07-10 ESMA consults on guidelines regarding internalised settlement reporting
2017-07-05 IOSCO: International committees complete the April 2015 workplan on central counterparty resilience, recovery and resolvability
2017-06-29 IOSCO: Draft guidance for supervisory stress testing of central counterparties released
2017-06-28 BIS: Framework for supervisory stress testing of central counterparties
2017-06-23 ECB recommends amending Article 22 of its Statute
2017-06-22 Reuters: French central banker backs European Commission proposals on clearing
2017-06-20 ECB: European CCPs after Brexit
2017-06-20 Reuters: Carney warns EU against splitting euro clearing market
2017-06-18 Financial Times: The City should not overpay for a euro-clearing deal
2017-06-13 AFME comments on EMIR Amendment
2017-06-13 Commission proposes more robust supervision of central counterparties
2017-06-06 City A. M.: Forced relocation of euro clearing from London would be "severely detrimental" to EU, global trade body warns
2017-05-18 ECB's Mersch: Advancing financial market integration
2017-05-15 ICMA publishes a Position Paper on CSDR Settlement Discipline
2017-05-04 TheCityUK: A forced re-location of euro clearing is in no one’s interests
2017-05-01 Financial Times: Brussels set for power grab on London’s euro-clearing market
2017-04-19 Benoît Cœuré: Central clearing: reaping the benefits, controlling the risks
2017-04-10 ESMA clarifies CCPs’ portfolio margining under EMIR
2017-04-04 The Guardian: Up to 100,000 UK jobs at risk as Merkel and Juncker ally warns on euro clearing
2017-04-03 ESMA updates EMIR Q&A and validation rules
2017-04-03 Financial Times: Euronext to move derivatives clearing business from LSE to ICE
2017-03-30 ESMA updates list of recognised third-country CCPs
2017-03-23 ESMA publishes two sets of guidelines under CSDR
2017-03-22 ESMA statement to ECON Hearing on CCP Recovery & Resolution
2017-03-20 ESMA to cooperate with non-EU regulators on CCPs
2017-03-17 City AM: Moving clearing from London to Europe is no piece of cake
2017-03-13 FSB publishes consultation on UTI governance
2017-03-13 ESMA publishes first set of CSDR Q&As
2017-03-10 CSDR implementing measures published in the OJ
2017-03-09 Financial Times: MEPs seek ‘extraterritorial’ oversight on London euro clearing
2017-02-21 Financial Times: BoE deputy hits back at EU threats over euro clearing
2017-02-20 IRSG Paper on CCPs post-Brexit
2017-02-16 Financial Times: Clearinghouses saddled with ‘too-big-to-fail’ tag
2017-02-03 ESMA publishes 2017 supervision plan for CRAs, trade repositories and 3rd country CCPs
2017-02-02 ESMA updates its EMIR Q&A
2017-02-01 FSB consults on guidance for CCP resolution and resolution planning
2017-02-01 ESMA announces details of 2017 CCP stress test
2017-01-31 ESMA consults on future guidelines for portability between trade repositories
2017-01-30 ESMA letter on EMIR Review and Sanctioning Powers to the European Commission
2017-01-22 Financial Times: ECB steps up warning on UK euro clearing after Brexit
2017-01-19 Financial Services Negotiating Forum: Euro Clearing and Brexit - The Practitioners' View
2017-01-19 Bloomberg: Bank execs in Davos privately say London clearing probably safe
2017-01-16 ESMA issues opinions on Swedish pension schemes to be exempt from central clearing under EMIR
2017-01-16 Financial Times: LSE dismisses report on moving clearing to Germany
2017-01-15 Euro “clearing”: Liability and Location

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Clearing and Settlement - 201654 articles out of 54.

Clearing and Settlement - 201578 articles out of 78.

Clearing and Settlement - 2014102 articles out of 102.

Clearing and Settlement - 201372 articles out of 72.

Clearing and Settlement - 201244 articles out of 44.

Clearing and Settlement - 201151 articles out of 51.

Clearing and Settlement - 201017 articles out of 17.

Clearing and Settlement - 200942 articles out of 42.

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Clearing and Settlement - 200210 articles out of 10.