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Proposal for a Regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 as regards the clearing obligation, the suspension of the clearing obligation, the reporting requirements, the risk-mitigation techniques for OTC derivatives contracts not cleared by a central counterparty, the registration and supervision of trade repositories and the requirements for trade repositories

Proposal for a regulation on a framework for the recovery and resolution of central counterparties

Regulation on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories

CSD Regulation

Settlement across borders presents higher risks and costs for investors within one country. To harmonise rules in this area the EU has adopted a regulation on CSDs (CSDR).

The main objective of the regulation is to increase the safety and efficiency of securities settlement and settlement infrastructures in the EU.


Securities financing transactions (SFTs) allow investors and firms to use assets, such as the shares or bonds they own, to secure funding for their activities.

Regulation on transparency of securities financing transactions 





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Clearing and Settlement - 201844 articles out of 44.

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Clearing and Settlement - 201654 articles out of 54.

Clearing and Settlement - 201578 articles out of 78.

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Clearing and Settlement - 201372 articles out of 72.

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Clearing and Settlement - 201017 articles out of 17.

2009 Clearing and Settlement
2009-11-18 FOA: European Commission's CCP proposals could cause 'undue regulatory complexity'
2009-09-24 Exchanges call on G20 to tackle dark pools
2009-09-23 EEX/Eurex launch new emission rights contracts
2009-09-21 CME Group and Citadel abandon plans to launch trading platform
2009-09-18 Deutsche Börse announces price model for the Pan-European trading segment “Xetra International Market”
2009-09-18 BATS Global Markets to launch second US equities exchange
2009-09-17 SWIFT: new EU-US agreement will be renegotiated next year
2009-09-17 T2S spat turns up the heat at Sibos
2009-09-11 ECB: statistics on payments and securities trading, clearing and settlement – 2008
2009-09-07 SWIFT: European bank data transfers must comply with European standards, say MEPs
2009-07-24 SWIFT: EU-US bank will be an "interim" one, says Jacques Barrot
2009-07-22 CPSS-IOSCO working group on the review of the recommendations for central counterparties
2009-07-17 T2S gains multilateral agreement, despite UK concerns
2009-07-17 ECB Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: The TS2 project is on the right track.
2009-07-16 Commission study on trading and post-trading prices, costs and volumes
2009-07-15 Eurex Clearing will meet ISLA’s guidelines for CCPs in European securities lending markets
2009-07-08 Draft commentary on the Convention on Substantive Rules on Intermediated Securities
2009-06-24 ESCB and CESR: Recommendation on post-trading infrastructures in the EU
2009-06-23 ESCB - CESR recommendations on post-trading infrastructure
2009-06-23 Bank of England raises T2S concerns
2009-06-18 EuroCCP proposes Convention on Inter-operability for CCPs
2009-06-16 SWIFT: Countdown to 2011 breaking Giovannini Barrier I?
2009-06-15 ECB Tumpel-Gugerell – no room for complacency for market infrastructures
2009-06-05 ECMI: Integrating Europe’s Back Office
2009-05-27 LCH.Clearnet to launch client clearing for OTC interest rate swaps
2009-05-22 LCH.Clearnet to launch clearing in co-operation with EMCF
2009-05-20 LCH.Clearnet to launch CDS clearing offering in December
2009-05-14 LCH.Clearnet looks to deal with bidding consortium
2009-05-08 LCH.Clearnet agrees competitive clearing deals
2009-05-06 LCH.Clearnet Chi-X Europe sign MOU on CCP services
2009-04-28 Council adopted settlement finality and collateral directives
2009-04-26 ECB appoints members of the T2S Programme Board
2009-04-02 ESCB and CESR consult on draft recommendations for CCPs
2009-02-19 McCreevy welcomes Industry commitment to EU central counterparty for CDS
2009-02-19 Industry commits to EU Central Counterparty for CDS
2009-02-19 EBF supports Central Clearing
2009-02-13 LCH.Clearnet to launch Eurozone clearing of Credit Default Swaps
2009-02-05 Responses on CESR/ESCB draft recommendations for securities settlement systems and CCPs
2009-01-27 Quadriserv and Eurex Clearing co-operate on Transatlantic Central Counterparty for Securities Lending
2009-01-22 Euroclear consolidates settlement platforms in three EU markets
2009-01-21 EuroCCP to begin clearing Spanish equities in February
2009-01-20 Eurex and Clearstream launch new basket to GC Pooling market

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Clearing and Settlement - 200859 articles out of 59.

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