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Proposal for a Regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 as regards the clearing obligation, the suspension of the clearing obligation, the reporting requirements, the risk-mitigation techniques for OTC derivatives contracts not cleared by a central counterparty, the registration and supervision of trade repositories and the requirements for trade repositories

Proposal for a regulation on a framework for the recovery and resolution of central counterparties

Regulation on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories

CSD Regulation

Settlement across borders presents higher risks and costs for investors within one country. To harmonise rules in this area the EU has adopted a regulation on CSDs (CSDR).

The main objective of the regulation is to increase the safety and efficiency of securities settlement and settlement infrastructures in the EU.


Securities financing transactions (SFTs) allow investors and firms to use assets, such as the shares or bonds they own, to secure funding for their activities.

Regulation on transparency of securities financing transactions 





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Clearing and Settlement - 201926 articles out of 26.

Clearing and Settlement - 201844 articles out of 44.

Clearing and Settlement - 201762 articles out of 62.

Clearing and Settlement - 201654 articles out of 54.

2015 Clearing and Settlement
2015-12-22 ESMA publishes responses to its consultation on indirect clearing under EMIR and MiFIR
2015-12-14 ESMA consults on margin period of risk for CCPs’ client accounts
2015-12-11 ESMA consults on improved access to trade repository data
2015-12-02 ESMA: European swap clearing to start in June 2016
2015-11-30 Implementation monitoring of the PFMI: Assessment and review of application of Responsibilities for authorities
2015-11-19 ESMA will not exempt the collateralisation of bank guarantees for energy derivatives under EMIR
2015-11-15 BCBS: Haircut floors for non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions
2015-11-13 EU Commission adopts equivalence decisions for CCPs in Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico and the Republic of Korea
2015-11-13 ESMA updates EMIR standards on data reporting
2015-11-10 ESMA proposes central clearing for Norwegian, Polish and Swedish interest rate swaps
2015-11-05 ESMA consults on indirect clearing arrangements
2015-11-02 ECB'S Cœuré: The international regulatory agenda on CCP links
2015-10-09 Bank of England: OTC derivatives, central clearing and financial stability
2015-10-05 BIS: The impact of CCPs' margin policies on repo markets
2015-10-02 ESMA adds Index CDS to central clearing obligation
2015-10-02 ESMA publishes responses to the Consultation on Review of EMIR Article 26 of RTS 153/2013
2015-09-28 ESMA readies MiFID II, MAR, and CSDR
2015-08-30 Report of the ESCB on the need for any measure to facilitate the access of CCPs to central bank liquidity facilities
2015-08-27 ESMA consults on review of EMIR standards relating to CCP client accounts
2015-08-20 ISDA and AFME respond jointly to EBA's consultation on draft RTS on the valuation of derivatives
2015-08-19 CFTC issues proposed amendments to swap data recordkeeping and reporting requirements for cleared swaps
2015-08-14 PensionsEurope’s answer to the EC consultation on regulation EU No 648/2012 on OTC derivatives, CCPs and trade repositories
2015-08-14 ALFI response to the EC consultation on regulation EU No 648/2012 on OTC derivatives, CCPs and trade repositories
2015-08-14 ICMA AMIC responds to European Commission consultation on central clearing of OTC derivatives
2015-08-13 ESMA recommends changes to EMIR framework
2015-08-10 EFAMA response to the EU Commission’s consultation on the review of EMIR
2015-08-05 ESMA advises Commission on implementation of CSD Regulation
2015-07-17 ESMA publishes responses received to consultation on clearing obligation
2015-07-14 ISDA publishes EMIR classification letter
2015-07-09 CPMI and IOSCO begin first Level 3 PFMI Principles assessment
2015-07-02 ESMA report proposes to include ETDs in EMIR's interoperability arrangements for CCPs
2015-06-22 Markets Media: CCPs shore up financial infrastructure
2015-06-22 Financial Times: Clearing houses reduce risk, they do not eliminate it
2015-06-22 ECB: TARGET2-Securities successfully launched
2015-06-18 ESMA asks Commission to delay CSDR technical standards
2015-06-10 ESAs consult on margin requirements for non-ce‎ntrally cleared derivatives
2015-06-09 ESMA: Verena Ross delivers keynote speech at IDX 2015
2015-06-05 Pension funds granted further two-year exemption from central clearing requirements
2015-05-22 ESMA calls for modification of UCITS Directive
2015-05-21 PensionsEurope calls on the EC to ensure EMIR rules do not jeopardise long-term investment in the EU
2015-05-21 Tabb Forum: A new era for OTC derivatives
2015-05-21 ESMA published its opinion on the composition of the CCP Colleges
2015-05-19 Wall Street Journal: Regulators point to risks from rapid-fire trading, clearing
2015-05-11 ESMA consults on technical standard No 4 on central clearing of IRS
2015-05-07 Joint Statement by Jonathan Hill and Timothy Massad on CCP equivalence
2015-04-29 ESMA recognised third-country CCPs
2015-04-28 Financial Times: Centralised risk raises systemic worries over derivatives
2015-04-27 ESMA published updated EMIR Q&A – focus on reporting
2015-04-20 Financial Times: Clearing houses hit back at European plans
2015-04-07 Tabb Forum: Collateral for clearing – A race to the bottom?
2015-04-03 Markets Media: Europe urged to open up trade reporting
2015-04-01 ESMA launches centralised data projects for MiFIR and EMIR
2015-03-31 ESMA published updated EMIR Q&A - No 12
2015-03-31 ESMA updated list of authorised CCP and Public Register
2015-03-20 Tabb Forum: The need for equivalence in European and US clearing rules
2015-03-11 CPMI-IOSCO begin review of stress testing by CCPs
2015-03-11 ESMA published responses received to consultation on MiFID II/MiFIR
2015-03-09 ESMA clarifies its interest rate swaps clearing standards
2015-03-09 ESMA and MAS conclude MoU on CCPs
2015-03-09 Banking Technology: ESMA trade reporting standards could decide future of markets
2015-03-06 ESMA and RBA conclude MoU on access to data held in trade repositories
2015-03-04 IPE: Hill calls for US collaboration to avoid 'devastating' clearing house collapse
2015-02-24 ESMA and JFSA conclude an MoC regarding CCPs
2015-02-20 ICMA: response to ESMA CSD regulation Level 2 Consultation Papers
2015-02-13 IOSCO continues work to strengthen global securities markets as drivers of economic growth
2015-02-13 EFAMA’s position on the ESMA consultation on RTS on reporting under Article 9 of EMIR
2015-02-13 Wall Street Journal: New rules on bank capital, swaps clearing set to clash
2015-02-06 ALFI’s response to the ESMA consultation paper on EMIR
2015-02-04 IOSCO seeks better understanding of other CRA products and services
2015-02-04 ESMA issued feedback statement on the central clearing of non-deliverable forwards
2015-02-03 PensionsEurope welcomes the extension of the clearing obligation exemption for pension funds
2015-01-30 ESMA published opinion on draft RTS on the clearing obligation for interest rate swaps
2015-01-30 Tabb Forum: CCPs - Risky is as risky does
2015-01-26 ISDA proposes CCP Recovery and Continuity Framework
2015-01-20 Bloomberg: Banks must bear the risk of derivatives losses
2015-01-16 ESMA to cooperate with the Hong Kong SFC on CCPs
2015-01-09 ESMA updates list of authorised CCPs – CME Clearing Europe re-authorised for extended activities and services
2015-01-09 ESMA publishes review of CCP colleges

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Clearing and Settlement - 2014102 articles out of 102.

Clearing and Settlement - 201372 articles out of 72.

Clearing and Settlement - 201244 articles out of 44.

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