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In January 2011, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) replaced the Committee of European Insurance and Occupational Supervisors (CEIOPS). EIOPA is part of the European System of Financial Supervision consisting of three European Supervisory Authorities and the European Systemic Risk Board. It is an independent advisory body to the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

Based in Frankfurt, EIOPA’s priorities include Solvency II, supervision in insurance groups, reorganisation and winding-up of insurance undertakings, life assurance, activities and supervision of institutions for occupational retirement provision and  prudential assessment of acquisitions in the financial sector. EIOPA is commissioned to monitor and identify trends potential risks and vulnerabilities stemming from the micro-prudential level, across borders and across sectors.

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EIOPA - 20198 articles out of 8.

EIOPA - 201815 articles out of 15.

EIOPA - 20172 articles out of 2.

EIOPA - 201614 articles out of 14.

2015 EIOPA
2015-12-22 EIOPA's Zweimueller interviewed by AMICE
2015-12-16 EIOPA: European Parliament confirms EIOPA Chairman Gabriel Bernardino
2015-12-15 EIOPA provides update on consumer trends
2015-12-04 ESAs seek stakeholder input on automation in financial advice
2015-12-04 EIOPA recommends improvements to the sales of mobile phone insurance
2015-11-25 EIOPA: EU-U.S. Insurance Project presents two reports
2015-11-18 EIOPA and supervisory convergence – The beginning of a new journey
2015-10-30 EIOPA consults on revised preparatory Guidelines on product oversight and governance
2015-10-09 EIOPA: Review of the methodology to derive the ultimate forward rates
2015-10-08 EIOPA updates its Action Plan 2016 and Way Forward for colleges of supervisors
2015-09-29 EIOPA publishes XBRL Taxonomy release 2.0.1 Candidate Recommendation
2015-09-29 EIOPA advises to set up a new asset class for high-quality infrastructure investments under Solvency II
2015-09-25 EIOPA publishes Opinion on group solvency calculation in the context of equivalence
2015-09-14 EIOPA's Bernardino speech at the ECON annual hearing
2015-09-04 EIOPA publishes the Equivalence progress report on developments in the Bermudian supervisory regime
2015-08-06 EIOPA’s Annual Report 2014 - translations
2015-07-28 EIOPA to hold a public hearing on its final Advice to the European Commission on infrastructure investments
2015-07-10 EIOPA calls for high quality public disclosure under Solvency II
2015-07-06 EIOPA publishes Set 2 of Solvency II Technical Standards and Guidelines
2015-07-03 EIOPA delivers technical advice on product intervention powers regarding insurance-based investment products
2015-07-02 EIOPA consults on infrastructure investment risk categories
2015-06-30 EIOPA publishes the overview of equivalence decisions taken by the European Commission
2015-06-12 EIOPA/Bernardino: Insurance distribution in a challenging environment
2015-06-08 EIOPA: update on the relevant risk-free interest rate term structures, of the symmetric adjustment for Solvency II and risk dashboard
2015-06-01 EIOPA updates on the major risks to financial stability
2015-05-08 Update of the Technical Information on the relevant risk free interest rate term structures and on the symmetric adjustment for Solvency II
2015-05-07 EIOPA estimates its needs for fulfilling its duties for Solvency II implementation
2015-04-20 3rd Joint ESAs Consumer Protection Day
2015-04-10 EIOPA: Update of the Technical Information on the relevant risk free interest rate term structures
2015-04-10 EIOPA: Monthly update of the symmetric adjustment of the equity capital charge for Solvency II
2015-04-07 EIOPA re-prioritises its 2015 Work Programme to align it with the budget
2015-03-27 EIOPA consults on the ITS on information exchange between supervisors
2015-03-20 EIOPA prepares discussion paper on infrastructure investments by insurers
2015-03-20 EIOPA reports on progress in the pre-application process for internal models
2015-02-06 Commercial Risk Europe: Solvency II at risk from EIOPA budget cut
2015-02-04 EIOPA provided advice to the European Commission on conflicts of interest

Prior Years Reports

EIOPA - 201452 articles out of 52.

EIOPA - 201364 articles out of 64.

EIOPA - 201224 articles out of 24.

EIOPA - 201110 articles out of 10.

EIOPA - 20101 articles out of 1.

EIOPA - 200924 articles out of 24.

EIOPA - 200810 articles out of 10.

EIOPA - 200717 articles out of 17.

EIOPA - 200612 articles out of 12.

EIOPA - 200514 articles out of 14.

EIOPA - 20048 articles out of 8.

EIOPA - 20032 articles out of 2.