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20 April 2020

TCFD to-do list: How do I know I’ve met the TCFD recommendations?

Follow the 9 steps as outlined in the TCFD to-do list to ensure that you are making effective TCFD aligned disclosures.

TCFD to-do list

Download the TCFD to-do list. 

CDSB recommends an effective climate-related financial disclosures must be: 

  1. Presented – in the mainstream report 
  2. Prepared – according to the same rigour as financial information 
  3. Specific – to the reporting entity 
  4. Coherent – across strategy, finance and impact 
  5. Supported by leadership – with oversight and involvement from all the relevant business areas and functions 
  6. Qualified – contain a statement of conformance so that the reader understands the limitations (e.g. clarify what is and isn’t considered) 
  7. Future-oriented – the plan is clear and stands up as being resilient (according to scenario analysis, where appropriate) 
  8. Financed and resourced –  current financing arrangements and investment support the delivery of the plan 
  9. Decision-useful - to providers of financial capital, responsive to your investors’ feedback and with a continuous plan for improvement 

For further guidance on implementing the TCFD recommendations, download: 

TCFD ckeck list


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