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02 February 2020

BBC: Brexit: Britain 'will not be aligning with EU rules' - Raab

Britain will "not be aligning with EU rules" in any post-Brexit trade deal, the foreign secretary has said.

Dominic Raab argued agreeing to stick strongly with EU regulations would "defeat the point of Brexit".

But Irish PM Leo Varadkar said the UK needed to commit to a level playing field to get a free trade deal.

Talks to negotiate a free trade deal between the UK and the EU are due to start next month, following the UK's formal withdrawal from the bloc. [...]

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Varadkar said it was possible for the UK to have a "Canada-style agreement".

However, he added: "Canada isn't the UK; you're geographically part of the European continent, we share seas and airspace and our economies are very integrated.

"And one thing we feel very strongly in the EU is that if we are going to have tariff-free, quota-free trade with the UK, which is essentially what we have with Canada on almost everything, then that needs to come with a level playing field.

"We, for example would have very strong views on fair competition and state aid."

A level playing field is a trade policy phrase for a set of common rules and standards that prevent businesses in one country undercutting their rivals over those operating in other countries in areas such as workers' rights and environmental protections.

He also cautioned against "setting rigid red lines" for the post-Brexit trade negotiations arguing "it makes coming to an agreement more difficult because the other side doesn't feel like it has got a fair deal unless those red lines are turned pink."

Mr Raab said the UK would enter trade talks "with a spirit of goodwill" but added "the legislative alignment - it just ain't happening". [...]

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