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24 January 2020

EurActiv: LEAK: EU charts 6G future in ambitious industrial plan

The European Commission has set out a series of comprehensive plans to revolutionise the bloc’s industrial sector, with a heavy interest in developing key technologies with ‘strategic importance’, including measures to go ‘beyond 5G’ and ‘towards 6G.’

A document leaked to EURACTIV, entitled Building block for a comprehensive industrial strategy, outlines several key areas for developing the EU’s industries in a sustainable manner, while also protecting competitiveness and innovation.

Towards 6G

On next-generation mobile technologies, the document cites a “strategic European partnership” on research and innovation in the field of “smart networks and services beyond 5G/towards 6G,” which involves member states to reinforce their “European leadership in network technologies.”

Meanwhile, new standards will be introduced for technologies including the “Internet of Things, robotics, nanotechnologies, microelectronics, 5G, high-performance computing, quantum computing, and critical digital and data cloud infrastructure.”

Digital Services Act 

With regards to the EU’s forthcoming Digital Services Act, the bloc’s ambitious plans to regulate the online ecosystem, the document outlines areas likely to face action, including the dissemination of illegal content, lack of transparency in online advertising, and reinforcing regulatory oversight in an effective yet ‘Single-market friendly’ manner.

Artificial Intelligence

The document also cites the recently leaked draft white paper on Artificial Intelligence, saying that data will be a valuable resource in the EU’s future AI strategy.

“The rising importance of the data economy (including data ownership), requires setting up an appropriate legal framework, which encourages and facilitates the sharing of non-personal data (with safeguard for commercially sensitive data) while fully respecting data protection standards,” the paper writes.

“The availability of data is a prerequisite for a broad uptake of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.”

More broadly on the EU’s AI strategy, “a regulatory framework” will be introduced that includes questions on liability, accountability, transparency and safety, in a flexible manner that is “able to respond to future emerging technologies.”

Full article on EurActiv


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