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02 June 2019

The Times: Donald Trump interview: send in Nigel Farage and go for no-deal Brexit, says president

Donald Trump calls on Britain to send Nigel Farage to negotiate with Brussels and pursue a no-deal Brexit if the EU refuses to give Britain what it wants.

In an interview with The Sunday Times before his state visit to the UK this week, the American president said the next prime minister should refuse to pay the £39bn Brexit divorce bill and “walk away” if Brussels does not bow to Britain’s demands.

Trump said that it was not too late for Britain to follow his advice and “sue” the EU to give Britain greater “ammunition” in the talks. [...]

Full interview on The Times

Related article on Bloomberg: Trump Urges U.K. to Send Farage as Brexit Negotiator, Sunday Times Says

U.S. President Donald Trump has urged Britain to name Nigel Farage, a flamboyant and popular advocate for leaving the European Union, to negotiate a final Brexit agreement, the Sunday Times reported.

Trump said the U.K. should refuse to pay the 39 billion-pound ($49 billion) settlement to cover commitments to the EU and walk away unless it gets “a fair deal,” the Times said, citing an interview with the president before he departs for a three-day visit beginning Monday.

“I like Nigel a lot,” Trump said. “He has a lot to offer.”

Trump, who will meet with Queen Elizabeth and soon-to-depart Prime Minister Theresa May, has already broken political protocol by weighing into the contest to to replace May, praising the favorite Boris Johnson. The president said last week that he could meet both Johnson and Farage during his visit.

Trump said Farage, who founded the Brexit Party that was the big winner in last month’s European Parliament elections, has earned his place and it was “a mistake” for the Conservative-led government to exclude him from a role with Brussels.

“He is a very smart person,” Trump said. “They won’t bring him in. Think how well they would do if they did. They just haven’t figured that out yet.”

Farage Meeting


Farage, who separately told the U.K.’s Daily Express newspaper that May’s office had banned him from meeting Trump, may end up seeing the president. Some of the president’s officials are working to set up a meeting with him, which could take place on Tuesday, the person said, adding that nothing has been formally scheduled. [...]

Full article on Bloomberg

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