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24 May 2019

ECA Journal 2/2019 – Fraud and Corruption/Ethics and Integrity

In this edition, the ECA focuses on the key issues related to fraud and corruption, the tools created in the fight against fraud and corruption, and actions undertaken and results achieved.

One of the key elements often mentioned as a raison d’être for the EU, certainly in this period of elections for the European Parliament, are its concerns for the rule of law and fundamental rights and values. Fraud and corruption undermine this, but not only: they can also have substantial economic consequences and eat away the trust of EU citizens in the EU and its institutions.

Moreover, ECA looks at the role external auditors play in this fight. Firstly, when it comes to assessing the tools particularly EU institutions have to prevent, detect and sanction fraud and corruption. But also considering the role of public external auditors when it comes to promoting specific values the EU wants to be affiliated with: ethics and integrity, transparency and being truthful in what you say and do. Several experts in the field will present perspectives on the role of the EU as such, and specific instruments like OLAF and the EPPO, and on root causes for fraud, on why people behave honest or dishonest, on whistleblowing, on what it takes to ‘do the right thing.'

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ECA Journal 2/2019


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