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10 July 2017

POLITICO: ‘No deal’ unacceptable for UK businesses after Brexit: survey

Ninety-eight percent of businesses surveyed want a trade agreement as part of Brexit negotiations.

The overwhelming majority of British businesses want a trade agreement with the EU after Brexit, according to a new survey by the British Chambers of Commerce published today.

The survey, which asked 2,400 businesses their views on what Brexit negotiations outcomes should be, found that only 2 percent of businesses wanted to leave the single market and the customs union and rely on World Trade Organization rules instead — the default outcome if the current negotiations between the U.K. and the European Union conclude without a future trade deal.

About 34 percent said they wanted to remain in the single market and the customs union, 11 percent of business want to remain in the single market only, while 13 percent want to remain in the customs union only. Around 28 percent supported the British government’s aspiration to replace the U.K.’s current trading relationship with the EU with a free trade agreement. Eight percent wanted some other kind of arrangement.

“Our results make it clear that there are a range of business views on what the U.K. should be seeking in a final deal with the EU, but there is near-universal consensus that a deep and comprehensive agreement is needed,” Adam Marshall, the BCC’s director general said. [...]

Full analysis on POLITICO

British Chambers of Commerce results


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