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02 April 2015

TNS Poll: All to play for but trust in politics down since Wilson era

When asked about the European Union, most of those surveyed (55%) favoured a referendum on membership of the EU and there is a narrow lead (35%) for staying in the European Union if a referendum was held, (compared with 34% who would vote to leave).

A new poll by TNS UK reveals that Labour and the Conservatives are neck-and-neck on 32% and 33% respectively. The survey also re-visited questions asked 50 years ago ahead of the 1964 General Election and reveals that faith in politicians is significantly down compared to the Wilson era.

The full voter intention figures are as follows: LAB 32% (0) CON 33% (0) LIB DEM 8% (+1) UKIP 16%(-1) GREEN 5% (+1) Other 7% (0).

With several of weeks of campaigning ahead, the latest TNS research also shows that almost three quarters (69%) say they have a ‘good deal’ or ‘some interest’ in politics, with 31% saying they have no interest in politics.

When asked about the likely outcome of this General Election there is uncertainty, with a third (33%) saying they don’t know who will be running the country after May 8th. However, while the two main parties are neck-and-neck in the latest TNS poll, over a third (36%) think the Conservatives will either have an outright majority or be the biggest party, compared with 26% for Labour.

The survey also looked back 50 years to compare responses ahead of the 1964 General Election to attitudes to politics today. TNS re-visited a set of questions asked in 1963, when over a third (36%) of the public thought there was a ‘good deal of difference’ between the parties, with 20% saying there was ‘some’ difference and 34% believing there was not much difference. In contrast, today fewer than one in five (18%) say there is a good deal of difference between the parties, with 39% saying there is some difference, and a third (33%) saying there is not much difference in 2015.

Detailed tables for this survey can be found here. Questions 7 to 13 cover the EU.

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