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13 February 2015

Informal meeting of the Heads of State or Government Brussels, 12 February 2015

Statement by the members of the European Council and "Preparing for next steps on better economic governance in the euro area."

Europeans have reacted with deep sorrow and strong unity to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. These attacks targeted the fundamental values and human rights that are at the heart of the European Union - solidarity, freedom, including freedom of expression, pluralism, democracy, tolerance and human dignity. All citizens have the right to live free from fear, whatever their opinions or beliefs. We will safeguard our common values and protect all from violence based on ethnic or religious motivations and racism.

This also means fighting the enemies of our values. We will further reinforce action against terrorist threats, in full compliance with human rights and the rule of law.

Full press release

Press statement by President Donald Tusk after the informal meeting of heads of state or government


Preparing for next steps on better economic governance in the euro area

The Euro Summit of 24 October 2014 concluded that “closer coordination of economic policies is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the Economic and Monetary Union”. It called for work to continue “to develop concrete mechanisms for stronger economic policy coordination, convergence and solidarity"; and it invited the President of the European Commission, in close cooperation with the President of the Euro Summit, the President of the Eurogroup and the President of the European Central Bank, “to prepare next steps on better economic governance in the euro area.” 

The European Council of 18 December 2014 confirmed the mandate given to the Four Presidents. As a first step, the Four Presidents were asked to produce an Analytical Note to serve as the basis of a discussion at the informal European Council on 12 February 2015. 

The present Analytical Note takes stock of the current state of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). It identifies the main shortcomings of the EMU framework that were revealed by the crisis, describes the measures taken so far to address them and prepares the ground for a discussion about the next steps. Nothing in this note prejudices the final content of the Four Presidents' Report, which will be drafted in the light of the outcome of the discussion between Heads of State and Government on 12 February and further work and consultations ahead of the European Council in June.

Full paper

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