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04 March 2014

EIM Political - February 2014

The EP elections in under 100 days may be momentous: a pivotal role in selecting the next Commission President and 'capturing' the next Commission for the people of Europe.

  • The chances of ALDE’s Verhofstadt emerging as the centrist compromise – drawing some support from both Left and Right - are non-negligible.
  • Is Germany’s CDU tacking towards the sceptics?
  • But the Eurosceptic bloc in the Parliament is unlikely to be cohesive enough to shape policy.
  • Chancellor Merkel’s visit to the UK underlined – quietly - her central message that the process of re-enforcing economic union by way of greater integration is a long way from finished.
  • TheCityUK polling showed that 82% said they will give ‘a lot’ of thought to the potential impact on the UK economy of Brexit and 61% want to hear about possible consequences from business leaders.

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