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18 November 2005

Report on minimum guarantee level of Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive

The Commission is currently reviewing the Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes, particularly the Euro 20.000 minimum guarantee threshold. One item to be considered for possible revision is the minimum amount guaranteed to depositors.

A tentative conclusion of the report would be that the pursuit of genuinely harmonised conditions for protection of deposits is not achieved by the fixing of a single guarantee level for all MS. There was already a certain level of inequality in the protection of deposits embedded in the levels of coverage chosen across Member States under the present framework. The objective of covering a percentage of insurable deposits in all countries within a common (harmonized) interval by means of guarantee levels which might also instrumentally differ in nominal terms in each Member State might represent one viable option for the future.

A Commission Communication including appropriate policy recommendations is planned for mid-2006.

Deadline for comments on the report is 15 February 2006

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