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10 March 2019

The Independent: Britain does not want long delay, reveals poll on eve of votes

Some 52 per cent of people do not want a delay to last more than six months, the survey by BMG Research for The Independent indicated.

The data flies in the face of extensions advocated in Brussels, by Remainers and even some Brexiteers. They have talked about pushing back the date of the UK’s departure for a year or more – something supported by fewer than one in five, according to the survey.

The poll also showed that just 17 per cent actually want any extension if Theresa May’s Brexit plan is again rejected as expected this week, with the two most popular alternatives a quick new in or out referendum, or simply leaving with no deal.

British and European officials have been desperately trying to find a compromise acceptable to both sides in negotiations in Brussels, but a breakthrough looks unlikely with little ground being given.

The impasse has made an extension look all the more likely – but the latest poll data, recorded between 4 and 8 March, points to a public deeply fed up with Brexit.

When asked: “If the UK were to seek an extension of Article 50, delaying Brexit, how long do you think that extension should be?”, respondents veered away from a long delay.

Some 17 per cent said less than a month, a further 16 per cent said between one and two months, the next 19 per cent said between three and six months – meaning a majority want no delay to last more than half a year. [...]

Full results on The Independent

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