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15 September 2019

The Sun: Boris Johnson in with a chance to win Brexit Commons vote as he whittles down the number of Tory rebels to eight

Boris Johnson thinks he can whittle down the number of Brexiteer Tory rebels to just eight, boosting his chances of winning a Commons vote.

The PM has to put any new compromise deal he can bring back from Brussels to Parliament before it becomes law.

It also emerged tonight that Europe’s leaders may insist Boris Johnson puts the template of a new agreement to MPs before the crunch EU summit on October 17 to prove he can command support.

A total of 28 Brexiteer Tory MPs refused to back Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement for a third time on March 29.

But Chief Whip Mark Spencer has told the PM that if he can win “meaningful changes” to the Irish backstop, he can squeeze the refuseniks down to “between eight and ten”.

No10 has now made it clear that any Tory MP who votes against a new deal will face the same fate as the 21 Remainer Tories who were expelled for voting to delay Brexit.

A source from the Tory whip’s office said: “Mark is confident he can keep the rebellion in single figures. They don’t have anywhere else to go. Boris is Brexit’s only hope.” [...]

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