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A Quick Overview of Graham Bishop’s Services


Tracking developments in financial integration that will deepen EMU and create a Capital Market Union

If you are an investment professional, then MiFID II  requires you to have an appropriate qualification - supported by verified Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


We offer a variety of products for structured and unstructured CPD (details) and we are delighted to be able to offer access for individuals via our `Friends' services as well as via a corporate subscription that enables a firm to meet its record-keeping obligations. (See below) has now revised our website structure so that it maps easily and directly onto the ESMA requirements within our field of expertise. In autumn 2017, we will launch our CPD Weekly “10 Minute Read ‘n Verify” to meet all these requirements for up-dating news. Graham Bishop personally will draw upon his experience of more than 130 “Brussels4Breakfast” monthly events to select the 30-40 most important and relevant news items each week - in a succinct, verifiable format. (More)

When reflecting upon such a  brief `scan of the horizon' each week, the alert professional should notice anything particularly relevant to their own daily business and use the links to drill down into the more detailed article on the subject. The surrounding material in our knowledge centre should enable that professional to research the new development and initiate any appropriate follow-up action. The weekly "read" is a simple yet effective way of  allocating a total of one business day per year to spotting some directly relevant news, rather than attending a seminar for a day which may well be on entirely different subjects thus missing the vital clue.


If you are part of a team of  investors,  risk managers or government affairs specialists, Corporate Membership of brings you:

  • Financial Services Regulation (FSR) Reporting: Sample
    Bringing you up to date on all aspects of developments in European FSR. Articles are uploaded to create our knowledge centre.
  • Economic and Monetary Union/Euro Crisis Reporting: Sample
    A service designed to keep you abreast of the drive towards a 'genuine' Economic and Monetary Union (GEMU) and the wide-reaching implications that this will inevitably produce. 
  • Consultancy: Retainer Access: More information
    Full access to our FSR and EMU reporting; Attendance at our conferences and meetings; Access to Graham's Articles and Speeches; Our online Education and Learning package; The option to purchase direct access to Graham.
  • Consultancy: Open Access: More information
    as retainer but with an agreed level of direct access to Graham.

For more details -  link


Become an individual subscriber to link

We offer a simple and flexible subscription system. If you are an individual market professional or just a  citizen concerned about `Brexit', offers you:

  • The essential services to keep your finger on the EU reform pulse link
  • The opportunity to upgrade your subscription at any time to cover developments in any of the categories that we monitor  link

Why do you need it?

A massive review of almost every aspect of Financial Regulation is underway.

In these times of unprecedented uncertainty over the EU economy and the euro, Graham Bishop brings his own unique perspective on where we are now, and how new regulations could affect the financial services industry in the future.

European Council President van Rompuy was tasked in 2012 with presenting “detailed proposals for a stage-based process” via a “coherent and complete architecture that will have to be put in place over the next decade”. His four work streams towards euro area financial/political union cover:

  1. Integrated Financial Framework (including single banking supervision, common deposit insurance and a resolution framework)
  2. Integrated Budgetary Framework (including a qualitative move towards a fiscal union)
  3. Integrated Economic Policy (including labour mobility and tax coordination)
  4. Democratic legitimacy/accountability (close involvement of the EU/national Parliaments).

After the European Parliament elections, the European Council gave its President – still van Rompuy for the moment - a mandate to explore policies to meet the need for "a well-functioning and more developed Economic and Monetary Union, while preserving the unity of the Union as such." The new Parliament and Commission will also return to integrationist issues.

The election of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the European Commission seems likely to unleash a further wave of reform – though everyone has a different definition of the term. In recent years, the euro area has taken several giant steps towards greater economic and financial integration.  But no-one can be complacent when economic activity is stagnating and average public debt ratios are already close to 100% of GDP.  Fear will push further integration of the financial system - with Capital Market Union as the next big step along this road.

Drawing on Graham Bishop's personal commitment to a deepening of European financial and political integration, his consultancy services appraise the financial, budgetary, economic and political ramifications of EU integration. These consultancy services (Details) will help your firm understand the impact of the regulatory, economic and democratic developments that will be a driving force towards shaping European financial markets during the next decade as the euro draws its users progressively into an ever-closer union. Click to discuss your needs.


How do we deliver it?

Weekly emails sent every Thursday

Regular email updates at the time of key developments

Monthly overview email

Graduated Website and Article access depending on subscription level

One to one meetings with Graham

Speeches within your company, or at external events.


Other Services

Illuminated by his pro bono activities, Graham is a well-known consultant; speaker; media commentator and writer of books and articles. Our Education and Learning packages have been designed for anyone that needs to understand the EU's journery into the new world of financial regulation.