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To request more information please call +44(0)1424 777123
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Corporate members gain access to all content in their selected categories (list) without any restrictions or delays.

Corporate membership starts from  €5,000 per year for a firm-wide licence and brings the following benefits:

  • Full, unrestricted access to all articles in the selected categories

  • News items without delays

  • Full email alerts every Thursday

  • Plus all the benefits of being a 'Friend' member


How to Register

You can register for a Corporate account by emailing or contacting us on +44(0)1424 777123


Payment of our research fees: Cash or Research Payment Account (RPA) provides a suite of research services designed specifically to enhance risk managers and investors understanding of the implications of deepening EMU. These services can be purchased directly by an investment management firm, or it can request a “Research Payment Account” that conforms to the new requirements of MiFID II.

CPD payments:  In our opinion, payments for CPD are a cost of business for the investment manager so would not be eligible to be paid via an RPA.