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Conditions of Use:  When quoting from this website, please credit Graham Bishop.

So that we can keep this area of the site up to date we would be grateful if you could send a copy of any article relating to Graham Bishop to Hannah. Your assistance with this is most appreciated.

This page is designed to give easy access to information on Graham, and also contact details should you wish to know more.

Graham Bishop: 

  • Biographical details

  • Photographs (or go to our FTP area, click on 'Parent Directory' for tips on downloading 'Back' to return to file list)

  • Examples of Graham's  speeches / debating / broadcasting  Graham has a facility for uploading high quality audio recordings.  He also gives interviews via Skype (example: Radio 5 Live interview).  

  • Dedicated FTP area for the BBC.  This can be used for transferring large audio files (more information).

  • For more information on Graham's public speaking availability, please contact us or call + 44 (1424) 777123.

  • Books:

A Timeline for Sequencing the Grand Euro Strategy - No Taboos (summary) Purchase pamphlet from Searching Finance @ €15 / £14.53

EU Financial Services Regulation: Key Events 2010/2011 (more)

The EU Fiscal Crisis: Forcing Eurozone Political Union in 2011? *see below (more)


* Sir Brian Unwin, former President European Investment Bank, introducing Graham's book  (Jan 2011) ...... and  challenging the Media!