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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2019 Cyber-Money
2019-12-19 European Commission: Financial services – EU regulatory framework for crypto-assets
2019-12-12 BIS: Designing a prudential treatment for crypto-assets
2019-12-09 City AM: Too much regulation on bitcoin and cryptocurrency could scare away future tech innovators
2019-12-06 EURACTIV: Libra maintains 2020 approval target despite concerns
2019-12-03 VoxEU: Stabilising stablecoins - a pragmatic regulatory approach
2019-12-02 Bruegel: The next generation of digital currencies - in search of stability
2019-11-26 ECB´s Benoît Cœuré: Towards the retail payments of tomorrow: a European strategy
2019-11-13 Project Syndicate: The digital money revolution
2019-10-29 POLITICO: Facebook’s Libra faces eurozone backlash
2019-10-28 City AM: Emerging markets need more say on digital currencies like Libra, says Chinese official
2019-10-19 Bloomberg: BOE’s Ramsden says central bank digital currency worth a thought
2019-10-18 Financial Times: Why Facebook´s Libra might be a good thing
2019-10-18 Project Syndicate: The IMF should take over Libra
2019-10-18 FSB sets out work to consider regulatory issues of stablecoins
2019-10-15 BIS' Beau: The role of cryptoassets in the payment system
2019-10-14 The Guardian: Libra - will Facebook's new currency be stopped in its tracks?
2019-10-11 BBC: Payments giants abandon Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency
2019-10-05 BBC: Libra - PayPal first to drop out of Facebook cryptocurrency
2019-09-30 New Europe: Libra not likely to launch by 2020
2019-09-23 SUERF: Central bank digital currency - institutional issues
2019-09-17 Financial Times: Central banks should not issue digital currencies
2019-09-17 ECB's Cœuré: Digital challenges to the international monetary and financial system
2019-09-05 EFRAG´s call for input from crypto-assets experts'
2019-09-05 PIIE: Libra's challenge to regulators: Innovate!
2019-09-04 EurActiv: EU member states to look into Facebook’s controversial Libra
2019-09-03 EUbusiness: What EU regulations are there regarding cryptocurrency?
2019-09-02 ECB's Mersch: Money and private currencies - reflections on Libra
2019-07-17 City AM: France joins US and UK in warning over Facebook’s libra
2019-07-17 Bruegel: Libra: possible risks in Facebook’s pursuit of a ‘stablecoin’
2019-07-16 Project Syndicate: Will Facebook’s Libra turn into a cancer?
2019-07-16 Project Syndicate: The great crypto heist
2019-07-08 EBA assesses impact of FinTech on payment institutions' and e-money institutions' business models
2019-07-07 Financial Times: Banks steer clear of Facebook's Libra project
2019-06-10 Ignazio Visco: Challenges for the financial sector in adapting to cyber threats
2019-05-17 ECB: Working paper: Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructures
2019-04-10 EIOPA: ESAs publish joint advice on information and communication technology risk management and cybersecurity
2019-02-26 ESMA's Maijoor: Crypto-Assets: time to deliver

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