Graham Bishop RSS Feed - Daily News and Information Related to Graham Bishop Articles.Daily RSS Article and news related to RSS, really simple syndication, and news aggregation. Information related to Graham Bishop.com Syndicate: Digital Finance Without Cryptocurrencies December 2021EBF contribution to the ongoing debate on a Central Bank Digital Euro #3: How does a digital euro fit the payments landscape? The objective of increased European sovereignty can only be achieved with competitive payment ]]> November 2021FT: ECB's Panetta - The ECB’s case for central bank digital currenciesJust as the postage stamp became less relevant with the arrival of the internet and email, so too ]]> November 2021SUERF: The one trillion euro CBDC: Issuing a digital euro without disrupting the bank lending channelNonetheless, a digital euro could be issued on a large scale without leading to bank disint ]]> October 2021Vox: Central bank digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, and privacy: What experiments tell us The results of laboratory experiments show that anonymity does indeed matters and increases th ]]> October 2021