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Economic events and policy statements affecting the politics of Brexit

KeyEUdocs provides a ready reference of the latest economic data on the EU28 and we will highlight differences between the UK and Eurozone as data is announced.

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2019 UK Economics - Brexit effects
2019-12-30 The Guardian: Optimism among small UK businesses slumps to eight-year low
2019-12-28 The Guardian: Net migration from EU into UK at lowest level since 2003, ONS says
2019-12-27 The Guardian: UK employment levels at risk due to Brexit and stalling investment
2019-12-23 Institute of Directors: Post-election boost for British business leaders
2019-12-20 Bloomberg: UK third-quarter growth revised higher
2019-12-18 Financial Times: Brussels warns UK will suffer more from lack of EU trade deal
2019-12-17 The Guardian: UK manufacturing output falling at fastest rate since 2009, says CBI
2019-12-12 BBC: Brexit: Free trade deals 'won't offset leaving EU'
2019-12-10 New Europe: UK economy at its lowest point since 2009
2019-12-10 The Guardian: UK employers 'pause' job hiring as demand falls to seven-year low
2019-12-06 Bloomberg: EU’s new trade chief warns of persistent Brexit economic risks
2019-12-04 EurActiv: One-year EU trade deal is fantasy
2019-12-04 The Independent: EU to spell out plans for potentially years more Brexit talks on day after general election, leak shows
2019-12-03 The Guardian: Boris Johnson refuses to rule out leaving EU on WTO terms
2019-12-03 The Independent: Boris Johnson's Brexit plans will cost UK economy up to £20bn a year, report warns
2019-12-03 Institute for Government: The UK’s trade strategy should not place the US at the front of the queue
2019-11-29 POLITICO: Boris Johnson struggles with questions on trade deals and trust
2019-11-28 The Guardian: EU risks splits over Brexit trade talks, says new council chief
2019-11-28 UK in a Changing Europe: Auto industry issues stark new warning on no deal Brexit
2019-11-28 POLITICO: No EU trade deal after Brexit risks more austerity
2019-11-27 The Guardian: US prefers no-deal Brexit according to documents obtained by Labour
2019-11-26 City AM: Getting Brexit done will not help UK economy, say academics
2019-11-22 The Guardian: UK companies hit by sharpest activity drop since Brexit vote
2019-11-19 The Independent: Boris Johnson government will not carry out any economic impact assessment of his Brexit deal, officials admit
2019-11-18 The Sun: EU trade boss tells Boris Johnson he will get ‘bare bones’ Brexit trade deal or none at all
2019-11-17 Financial Times: Business warns on Tory points-based immigration system
2019-11-14 POLITICO: Major trade partners seek compensation from UK and EU over Brexit
2019-11-14 RTE: UK consumers will expect EU standards in FTA - Hogan
2019-11-12 Bloomberg: UK job market weakens as election battle heats up
2019-11-11 The Guardian: UK avoids recession but Brexit uncertainty damages growth
2019-11-09 Financial Times: Moody’s lowers UK credit outlook to negative on Brexit ‘paralysis’
2019-11-08 The Guardian: Johnson accused of misleading public over Brexit deal after NI remarks
2019-11-07 City AM: Bank of England: Brexit deal and trade wars will limit UK growth
2019-11-06 City AM: No-deal Brexit remains biggest risk to European growth, IMF warns
2019-11-04 Project Syndicate: Britain’s post-Brexit choices
2019-11-01 UK in a Changing Europe: Britain has not yet faced its hard choices
2019-11-01 The Guardian: Brexit uncertainty hits UK manufacturing sector
2019-10-31 Financial Times: Counting the costs of another missed Brexit deadline
2019-10-31 Il Sole 24 Ore: Post-Brexit Economy
2019-10-31 POLITICO: Trump: Brexit deal ‘precludes’ US-UK trade agreement
2019-10-30 POLITICO: Brexit deal would leave Wales-sized hole in UK economy, experts warn
2019-10-28 The Guardian: EU begins planning for trade negotiations after UK agrees to Brexit extension
2019-10-23 House of Lords: Deal or no deal, the UK should honour its financial obligations
2019-10-22 The Guardian: Brexit effect on UK economy may be worse than thought, says CBI
2019-10-19 BBC: Carney: Brexit deal 'positive' for UK economy
2019-10-18 POLITICO: Why an EU trade deal may not deliver for post-Brexit Britain
2019-10-17 The Guardian: British businesses say new Brexit deal worse than May's agreement
2019-10-15 Financial Times: UK jobs market stutters ahead of Brexit deadline
2019-10-15 Financial Times: Brexit uncertainty hitting manufacturing profit levels, poll finds
2019-10-15 Financial Times: No-deal Brexit could cut UK-EU trade flows by half
2019-10-14 Financial Times: Hundreds of German companies call for EU help as Brexit fears bite
2019-10-14 UK Trade Policy Observatory: Economic realities of Brexit for firms and people in Northern Ireland
2019-10-13 The Guardian: An EU deal ‘won’t mean a quick restart for the UK economy’
2019-10-13 UK in a Changing Europe: The economic impact of Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposals
2019-10-13 POLITICO: Merkel sees post-Brexit UK as ‘potential competitor’ to EU
2019-10-11 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit would cost Ireland 73,000 jobs, central bank says
2019-10-11 Financial Times: Trade bodies appeal for regulatory alignment post-Brexit
2019-10-10 Financial Times: UK economy set to avert recession despite August stumble
2019-10-08 BBC: No-deal Brexit would push UK debt to 50-year high, says think tank
2019-10-07 Financial Times: Warning of threat to UK-EU trade deal from US food demands
2019-10-07 Financial Times: Red tape bill for EU-UK trade in no-deal Brexit to hit £15bn
2019-10-04 The Independent: Boris Johnson moves to scrap environment safeguards to get deal with Trump
2019-10-03 Commercial Risk Europe: Trade credit insurers reducing exposure and raising rates over no-deal Brexit fears
2019-09-27 Financial Times: Small businesses unprepared for no-deal Brexit, survey shows
2019-09-27 The Guardian: Brexit uncertainty pushes UK to brink of recession
2019-09-24 The Guardian: CBI downplays chances of second pre-Brexit deadline boost
2019-09-23 The Guardian: UK regions most exposed to no-deal Brexit also most deprived, warns study
2019-09-19 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit will cut 3% off UK economic growth, says OECD
2019-09-16 BusinessEurope: Brexit - no deal means disaster, must be definitely ruled out
2019-09-15 The Sun: Boris Johnson in with a chance to win Brexit Commons vote as he whittles down the number of Tory rebels to eight
2019-09-11 POLITICO: UK to become ‘economic competitor’ after Brexit, Merkel warns
2019-09-11 POLITICO: UK offers Brexit mini deals to side-step Brussels
2019-09-11 Financial Times: Yellowhammer document sets out potential damage of no-deal Brexit
2019-09-09 The Guardian: UK recession fears recede after surprise economic growth
2019-09-08 Financial Times: No-deal Brexit would push UK into recession, warns KPMG
2019-09-06 Financial Times: EU warns Johnson plan on rules divergence will hinder trade talks
2019-09-06 BCC: Business still unable to prepare fully for a no deal Brexit
2019-09-05 Financial Times: Industry pulls plug on investment before Brexit
2019-09-05 Bloomberg: Investors pull $1.5 billion from UK equities as Brexit bites
2019-09-04 BBC: UK 'at risk of slipping into recession'
2019-09-04 BBC: No-deal recession less severe now, says central bank boss
2019-09-04 Vox EU: The impact of Brexit on UK firms
2019-09-02 Institute for Government: The Brexit battle is fundamentally changing the constitution
2019-09-02 The Guardian: UK's 'boisterous' efforts to get new deal will not work, says senior MEP
2019-09-02 Federal Trust: Brexit: Moderate Conservative MPs must stop complaining and start acting.
2019-08-30 The Guardian: UK falls to bottom of G7 growth league in second quarter
2019-08-29 Paul Goldschmidt: The Prorogation Gambit
2019-08-27 UCL European Institute: Brexit could cause major disruption to EU-UK data flows
2019-08-26 The Guardian: Most cross-Irish border traders 'completely unprepared' for no deal
2019-08-26 The Guardian: Brexit: EU ‘would block trade deal if Britain reneged on bill’
2019-08-19 ACCA: Majority of Irish businesses exposed to Brexit are putting themselves at risk by not hedging foreign currency trade exposures
2019-08-05 The Guardian: UK firms that export only to EU 'unprepared' for no-deal Brexit
2019-08-01 The Guardian: Bank of England warns of one in three chance of Brexit recession
2019-08-01 The Guardian: UK manufacturing 'suffocating' as output slips to seven-year low
2019-07-30 The Economist: The pound is tumbling on fears of a no-deal Brexit
2019-07-23 Financial Times: No-deal Brexit poses threat to world economy, IMF warns
2019-07-23 Bloomberg: UK manufacturing orders fall at fastest pace since 2009 crisis
2019-07-22 Bloomberg: Brexit may have already triggered UK recession, Niesr says
2019-07-19 House of Commons: A ‘No deal’ Brexit would be the most economically damaging outcome for UK business
2019-07-18 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit would plunge Britain into a recession, says OBR
2019-07-15 The Guardian: Britain ‘facing highest risk of recession since 2007’
2019-07-15 The Guardian: Post-Brexit trade pact with US may take some time, says Liam Fox
2019-07-12 The Guardian: Greg Clark: no-deal Brexit would destroy 'thousands' of jobs
2019-07-11 The Guardian: Bank of England warns no-deal Brexit could trigger economic shock
2019-07-10 BBC: No-deal Brexit 'could put 40,000 jobs at risk' in NI
2019-07-09 BBC: UK economy returns to growth but slowdown fears persist
2019-07-09 BCC and Indeed: Immigration proposals could exacerbate labour shortages
2019-07-09 Bloomberg: UK economy probably shrank for first time in seven years
2019-07-09 2019 EU budget: Council adopts contingency measures for a no-deal Brexit
2019-07-08 Bloomberg: Facing economic disaster, Irish business stands firm on Brexit
2019-07-05 The Guardian: Uncertainty over next PM knocks confidence, say UK business leaders
2019-07-02 City AM: No-deal Brexit would cost UK £90bn, warns Philip Hammond
2019-07-02 Financial Times: UK ‘likely’ to enter recession in no-deal Brexit, Moody’s warns
2019-07-01 The Guardian: Johnson and Hunt's Brexit pledges irresponsible, say manufacturers
2019-06-28 Bloomberg: UK June consumer confidence drops as GfK sees turbulent summer
2019-06-26 Financial Times: Foreign investment into UK falls to lowest level in six years
2019-06-24 The Guardian: UK finances forecast to suffer under most forms of Brexit
2019-06-21 The Guardian: Brexit: Carney rejects Boris Johnson's no-deal trade claim
2019-06-20 Bloomberg: BOE sees rising no-deal Brexit worry in tension with markets
2019-06-17 BCC Forecast: Brexit stockpiling to hit economic growth in coming years
2019-06-14 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit threat is act of self-harm, business chief says
2019-06-14 The Guardian: UK businesses urged to step up preparations for no-deal Brexit
2019-06-10 Bloomberg: Brexit’s pound drop hurt workers without boosting exports
2019-06-10 The Guardian: UK and South Korea agree to sign post-Brexit trade deal
2019-06-10 Financial Times: EU to warn business not to expect help over a no-deal Brexit
2019-06-10 Financial Times: Brexit uncertainty drives investment boost for other EU countries
2019-06-05 The Guardian: UK economy is stalling despite service sector growth
2019-06-04 Bloomberg: Trump vows huge UK trade deal, then retreats on health service
2019-06-03 New Statesman: Less trade, less control and lower standards: the reality of an independent trade policy
2019-05-21 Financial Times: OECD cautions BoE against raising rates amid Brexit uncertainty
2019-05-20 The Guardian: Bank of England warns investment will suffer under no-deal Brexit
2019-05-13 The Guardian: Brexit delay will harm long-term economic outlook, says Bank
2019-05-10 The Guardian: UK economic growth picks up as stockpiling bolsters manufacturing
2019-05-09 NIESR: The economic impact on the United Kingdom of a customs union deal with the European Union
2019-05-05 The Economist: How is Brexit affecting FDI into Britain?
2019-05-03 The Guardian: Boost to UK economy as threat of no-deal Brexit recedes
2019-05-02 Bloomberg: Bank of England set for faster rate hikes if Brexit resolved
2019-05-01 Bloomberg: UK's Brexit woe is an extreme microcosm of global trade war
2019-04-29 Bloomberg: More UK businesses are facing distress on economic uncertainty
2019-04-29 The Guardian: Brexit will slow UK economy for rest of 2019, forecaster warns
2019-04-29 The Guardian: Brexit has trapped UK in no man's land, warns top economist
2019-04-29 Financial Times: Brexit threatens pound’s status as global currency, survey says
2019-04-29 Politics Home: Business investment ‘significantly’ lower due to Brexit uncertainty, warns Philip Hammond
2019-04-16 Financial Times: UK boosts business bank by £200m as Brexit hits funding
2019-04-15 Bloomberg: IPO activity on London’s AIM market slows amid Brexit jitters
2019-04-15 Bloomberg: More CFOs see worse business environment after Brexit: survey
2019-04-11 The Independent: Britain could have ‘a say’ in trade deals if it joins customs union, Irish prime minister says
2019-04-11 Financial Times: Carney says managed no-deal less costly than crashing out
2019-04-11 The Guardian: IMF says Brexit delay means businesses face more uncertainty
2019-04-11 Financial Times: Investors flee UK stock funds on Brexit worries
2019-04-10 The Guardian: UK economy grows as manufacturers stockpile before Brexit
2019-04-09 Bloomberg: IMF issues yet another warning over UK Brexit battle
2019-04-05 The Guardian: UK productivity grows by just 0.5% in 2018 amid Brexit uncertainty
2019-04-04 IBTimes: UK economy took a 3% hit from Brexit uncertainty: S&P Global Ratings
2019-04-03 European Commission: Brexit preparedness: Customs authorities in the EU ready and prepared for ‘no-deal’ scenario
2019-04-01 Financial Times: Brexit costs UK £600m per week, says Goldman study
2019-03-29 Bloomberg: UK consumers, businesses downbeat as Brexit turmoil mounts
2019-03-28 BBC: Brexit: Rolled-over UK free trade deals 'are incomplete'
2019-03-28 Financial Times: German businesses prepare to shift operations out of Britain
2019-03-27 YouGov: Britons scramble to Brexit-proof their finances
2019-03-24 Bloomberg: ECB’s Rehn says Brexit poses biggest short-term risk
2019-03-22 Vox EU: EU-UK global value chain trade and the indirect costs of Brexit
2019-03-22 The Guardian: UK secures post-Brexit trade deal with group of Caribbean countries
2019-03-21 Bertelsmann Stiftung: Brexit to cost EU citizens up to 40 billion euros annually
2019-03-21 Bloomberg: Brexit end likely to be based on a customs union, JPMorgan says
2019-03-21 Bloomberg: UK business warns of ‘Brexit emergency’ as no-deal risk grows
2019-03-21 Financial Times: Bank of England holds interest rates as Brexit clouds outlook
2019-03-21 Financial Times: Sovereign wealth funds cut UK investment ahead of Brexit
2019-03-21 Bruegel: The shadow of Brexit: Guessing the economic damage to the UK
2019-03-21 LSE: UK economy since the Brexit vote: slower GDP growth, lower productivity, and a weaker pound
2019-03-20 European Union Committee draws special attention to trade agreements with Israel and Switzerland
2019-03-19 Financial Times: Germany raises alarm about small businesses’ Brexit exposure
2019-03-18 BCC Forecast: UK economy to falter further as Brexit uncertainty bites
2019-03-18 Bloomberg: UK reaches no-deal Brexit trade pact with Norway and Iceland
2019-03-15 NIESR: Trade policy in the time of Brexit
2019-03-15 Sharon Donnery: The departure of the UK from the EU - implications for the Irish economy and financial system
2019-03-13 Bloomberg: Brexit uncertainty ‘devastating’ UK’s economic relations
2019-03-13 Bloomberg: UK cuts growth forecast amid Parliament’s Brexit chaos
2019-03-13 IB Times: Brexit Britain's weakness exposed in US trade deal documents
2019-03-13 Bloomberg: UK unveils tariffs for a no-deal Brexit ahead of key vote
2019-03-11 Financial Times: Low business investment set to persist, says BoE
2019-03-11 Business Europe: EU and UK business - no deal Brexit is a no-win outcome that must be avoided
2019-03-10 Financial Times: BoE tightens bank liquidity buffers before Brexit
2019-03-08 Bloomberg: Europe trade czar warns of ‘tariffs on day 1’ after hard Brexit
2019-03-07 Financial Times: Fear of Brexit disruption stalks Turkey-UK trade ties
2019-03-07 The Guardian: Most EU treaties won’t be replicated in UK by 29 March, says minister
2019-03-07 Bloomberg: Murk surrounding no-deal Brexit tariffs confounds business
2019-03-06 BBC: UK may slash trade tariffs under a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-05 Bloomberg: Carney says UK is better prepared for no-deal Brexit
2019-03-05 The Guardian: UK economy close to stalling amid Brexit uncertainty
2019-03-01 PIIE: Brexit: Everyone loses, but Britain loses the most
2019-02-28 Chatham House: Britain needs to decide what it wants from China
2019-02-28 EurActiv: UK agrees WTO procurement membership post-Brexit
2019-02-28 BBC: Post-Brexit migration rules disastrous, say manufacturers
2019-02-27 Financial Times: UK financial watchdog warns market at risk from no-deal Brexit
2019-02-27 Lords' European Union Committee draws special attention to three Brexit-related trade agreements
2019-02-26 Financial Times: Business warns Brexit delay poses problems of its own
2019-02-26 Bloomberg: BOE steps up Brexit buffers as Carney presses no-deal warning
2019-02-26 The Guardian: Economy could be 9% weaker under no-deal Brexit, government says
2019-02-26 The Guardian: Brexit uncertainty slows economy and raises risk of job losses
2019-02-24 Will Hutton: The Japanese aren’t daft – that’s why they’re getting out of Brexit Britain
2019-02-24 Financial Times: Britain faces harsh truths about post-Brexit trade
2019-02-22 Audit&Risk: Companies focus on "defensive strategies"
2019-02-22 The Guardian: Ireland steps up effort to shelter economy from no-deal Brexit
2019-02-20 Bloomberg: UK rating at risk of downgrade amid no-deal Brexit concern
2019-02-19 Bloomberg: UK admits trade deals with Japan, Korea unlikely before Brexitt
2019-02-17 Financial Times: Australia to fast-track UK trade pact in event of no-deal Brexit
2019-02-15 The Guardian: Cost of Brexit to UK economy running at £40bn a year – Bank rate-setter
2019-02-13 The Guardian: UK has rolled over just £16bn out of £117bn trade deals
2019-02-12 Bloomberg: Carney says UK slowdown underscores need for Brexit certainty
2019-02-11 UK in a Changing Europe: UK firms investing billions abroad because of Brexit new CEP research finds
2019-02-11 BBC: UK signs post-Brexit trade deal with Switzerland
2019-02-11 The Guardian: Manufacturing slump puts UK economy into reverse as Brexit looms
2019-02-10 Financial Times: US companies warn investors of mounting Brexit risks
2019-02-10 POLITICO: Hard Brexit threatens 100,000 German jobs
2019-02-09 POLITICO: Dutch say hundreds of companies plotting Brexit switch
2019-02-08 Financial Times: No-deal Brexit risks rise as UK-Japan trade talks stall
2019-02-07 Financial Times: Business expresses fury at UK failure to roll over EU trade deals
2019-02-07 The Guardian: UK economy set for worst year since financial crisis, says Bank of England
2019-02-06 Bloomberg: UK economy set for sluggish growth even if Brexit goes well
2019-02-05 Bloomberg: Services bring UK economy to a near-halt ahead of Brexit
2019-02-05 Huffington Post: Secret no-deal Brexit plan to slash tariffs on all imports
2019-02-04 The Guardian: Brexit could put 1.7 million people around globe into extreme poverty – study
2019-02-04 The Guardian: Japan's EU deal 'threatens post-Brexit UK industry'
2019-02-04 Financial Times: UK’s finance chiefs say Brexit is biggest risk to business
2019-02-01 Institute of Directors: Nearly a third of firms looking overseas due to Brexit
2019-01-31 Bloomberg: The Brexit bill: Here’s the damage so far
2019-01-31 Bloomberg: UK consumers are most pessimistic on economy in seven years
2019-01-30 The Independent: Brussels says UK should keep paying into EU budget after no-deal
2019-01-29 YouGov: Consumer confidence at five-year low as Brexit concerns persist
2019-01-27 Bloomberg: UK could avoid $1.5 billion EU tax bill on no-deal Brexit
2019-01-27 CER: The cost of Brexit to September 2018
2019-01-27 The Guardian: UK cannot simply trade on WTO terms after no-deal Brexit, say experts
2019-01-25 Bloomberg: It’s a cruel world for UK companies weighing no-deal Brexit
2019-01-25 Financial Times: Ireland central bank warns of ‘immense’ threat of no-deal Brexit
2019-01-25 The Guardian: Brexit stockpiling by UK retailers and wholesalers reaching 2008 levels, says CBI
2019-01-25 The Guardian: Global slowdown threatens to worsen impact of no-deal Brexit
2019-01-24 Bloomberg: Postponing Brexit would be worse for UK economy Than May’s deal
2019-01-24 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit risk recedes as calls grow to delay divorce
2019-01-23 Financial Times: UK services exports to EU soar in the run-up to Brexit
2019-01-20 Financial Times: Economic confidence nosedives in UK boardrooms
2019-01-20 The Guardian: The idea that Britain can develop an independent trade policy is absurd
2019-01-18 Financial Times: It will be hard to wipe Brexit blot from asset landscape
2019-01-18 BBC: Liam Fox yet to seal no-deal trade agreements
2019-01-16 Bloomberg: Four out of five Belgian companies aren't prepared for Brexit
2019-01-15 Vox EU: Brexit: Blame it on the banking crisis
2019-01-15 NIESR: A divided country? As Westminster squabbles, Britain’s economic disparities are left unresolved
2019-01-14 Financial Times: Growth forecasts lost in the fog of Brexit
2019-01-14 Financial Times: Brexiters’ delusions on trade die hard
2019-01-14 The Independent: Brexit impact hits UK business by 16 per cent, study finds
2019-01-14 Bruegel: EU budget implications of a no-deal Brexit
2019-01-10 La Croix: The 'No Deal' cost for the EU
2019-01-09 POLITICO: World Bank warns no-deal Brexit risks wider economic impact
2019-01-04 Bloomberg: UK economy under pressure as Brexit deadline approaches
2019-01-03 Financial Times: Brexit will test the resilience of the British economy
2019-01-03 YouGov: UK consumer confidence slumps as unpredictable Commons Brexit vote approaches
2019-01-02 Financial Times: Business leaders fear deteriorating economic conditions in UK
2019-01-01 Financial Times: Brexit ‘bad or awful’ for UK prospects in 2019, say economists

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