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Shadow banking is the system of credit intermediation that involves entities and activities that are outside the regular banking system, and thus are not regulated like banks. Shadow banking entities operate outside the regular banking system, and yet engage in the following bank-like activities: accepting funding with deposit-like characteristics; performing maturity and/or liquidity transformation; undergoing credit risk transfer; and using direct or indirect financial leverage.

Shadow banking activities are those that could act as important sources of funding for non-bank entities. These activities include securitisation, securities lending and repurchase transactions ("repo"). 

Shadow banking entities include i.a.: Special purpose entities which perform liquidity and/or maturity transformation, e.g. ABCP, SIV, SPV; Money Market Funds (MMFs) and other types of investment funds or products with deposit-like characteristics; and investment funds that provide credit or are leveraged, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). 

For further information, see Green Paper FAQs, 19.3.12

Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament: Shadow Banking – Addressing New Sources of Risk in the Financial Sector 

Regulation on transparency of securities financing transactions

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2012 Shadow Banking
2012-12-20 DG MARKT: Summary of responses received to the Commission's Green Paper on shadow banking
2012-11-20 Plenary Session: Shadow banking - Balance benefits and risks, say MEPs
2012-11-20 Greens/EFA: Shadow banking cannot continue to slip under the radar, say MEPs
2012-11-15 ECON Committee: MEPs asked to back more transparency and regulation for shadow banking
2012-11-14 Spiegel: Beyond regulators' grasp - how shadow banks rule the world
2012-10-18 Reuters: Bank reforms risk more shadow banking - ECB's Liikanen
2012-09-21 ALFI's position on the draft report of the EU Parliament on Shadow Banking
2012-07-30 AGB: No rash decisions when regulating shadow banks
2012-06-21 Enrico Perotti: The roots of shadow banking
2012-06-15 ALFI comments on European Commission Green Paper Shadow Banking
2012-06-15 ICMA AMIC responds to EC Green Paper on Shadow Banking
2012-05-25 Commissioner Barnier: Towards better regulation of the shadow banking system
2012-05-02 EPFSF Briefing: “Shadow Banking”
2012-04-27 Reuters: European Union to shine light on shadow banking
2012-04-27 Commissioner Barnier: Towards better regulation of the shadow banking system
2012-04-19 FSA/Turner: Securitisation, shadow banking and the value of financial innovation
2012-04-10 FT: Shadow banking out of the shadows
2012-03-20 ICMA European Repo Council paper explores official concerns about ‘shadow banking’ and repo
2012-03-19 Reuters: EU considers new controls for shadow banking
2012-03-19 Commission published green paper on shadow banking
2012-03-14 FSA Lord Turner: Shadow banking and financial instability
2012-03-01 Credit hedge funds are not 'shadow banks' - AIMA
2012-02-06 European Commission published roadmap on shadow banking

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