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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2014 Other
2014-06-17 IMF: Article IV consultation mission to Slovak Republic
2014-06-09 Paul N Goldschmidt: Poor Belgium! Poor Europe!
2014-06-04 ECB publishes Convergence Report 2014
2014-06-02 Country-specific recommendations 2014
2014-04-30 Slovenian government faces collapse, bond yields rise
2014-04-17 Croatia cuts GDP growth forecast
2014-04-07 Outgoing Hungarian PM Viktor Orban wins general election
2014-04-03 Political outsider Andrej Kiska is the new Slovak president
2014-03-26 IMF Executive Board completes first and second reviews for Romania
2014-03-25 EUobserver: Czech government backs EU fiscal pact
2014-03-24 Council adopts new rules on the taxation of savings income
2014-03-20 Statement at the conclusion of the IMF's 2014 Article IV consultation mission to Hungary
2014-03-18 OECD: Czech Republic is recovering, but more must be done to jump-start income convergence with euro area countries
2014-03-18 Steinmeier/Timmermans: A strong Europe with the right priorities
2014-03-14 IMF: Finland—Concluding statement for the 2014 Article IV consultation
2014-03-12 Concluding statement of IMF 2014 Article IV mission to Estonia
2014-03-12 IMF Executive Board concludes 2014 Article IV Consultation with Belgium
2014-03-10 IMF: Republic of Latvia - Concluding statement of the 2014 Article IV Mission
2014-03-10 FT: Austria warns costs of bank bailout rising
2014-03-10 OECD: Poland can grow faster through labour market and pro-competition reforms
2014-03-05 IMF: Luxembourg—Concluding statement of the 2014 IMF Article IV consultation
2014-03-04 ECON: Slovenia - Country briefing on the economic situation
2014-03-03 IMF: Republic of Croatia - Concluding statement of the 2014 Article IV consultation mission
2014-03-03 Republic of Lithuania—Concluding statement for the 2014 Article IV consultation by the IMF mission
2014-02-28 Finnish Parliament approves Finland's long-term EU policy objectives
2014-02-26 Election update: Juncker endorsed by German Conservatives; Socialists likely to win most seats; Germany scraps 3 per cent threshold
2014-02-25 Plenary Session: EU cannot accept cherry-picking by Switzerland
2014-02-24 Merkel calls for Britain to remain at heart of Europe
2014-02-23 Estonia's centre-right PM Andrus Ansip to resign
2014-02-20 Dutch Foreign Minister Timmermans: No European Union without the Member States
2014-02-20 Sweden: Economy returning to normal according to Ministry of Finance forecast
2014-02-19 EUobserver: Czech government to give up EU Charter opt-out
2014-02-15 ECB/Cœuré: The best safeguard against banking crises is tough supervision
2014-02-13 Reuters: EU must rebuild unity, address populists' concerns - Finnish PM
2014-02-13 President Barroso and Prime Minister Rutte discuss EU priorities
2014-02-12 Finland's economy is on the mend but pushing ahead with reform is key, says OECD
2014-02-09 Swiss vote is "pivotal decision with far-reaching consequences"
2014-02-06 Europe must speak with one voice, says Chancellor Merkel
2014-02-06 Dutch nationalist Wilders outlines case for a Dutch 'Nexit' from the EU
2014-02-06 Czech foreign minister Zaorálek: Rebuilding an EU based on trust
2014-02-04 Romania: Statement at the conclusion of the IMF and EC staff visit
2014-01-31 Denmark's Thorning-Schmidt reshuffles cabinet after coalition government crisis
2014-01-29 WSJ: Czech President names new coalition government; Sobotka premier
2014-01-22 Latvia's parliament approves first female prime minister
2014-01-21 IMF: Austria - Publication of FSAP documentation
2014-01-20 Hollande/Rutte call for deepening of Single Market
2014-01-18 Politics.HU: Hungarian President sets date of 2014 election for April 6
2014-01-17 Radio Prague: Sobotka becomes 11th Czech PM since 93…but how long will he last?
2014-01-17 IMF executive board concludes 2013 article IV consultation with the Republic of Slovenia
2014-01-16 ECFIN Country Focus: Austria's fiscal rules - Climbing the mountain towards effective fiscal relations
2014-01-10 Radio Prague: Czech President Zeman to appoint Sobotka as PM, but hints at cabinet minister veto
2014-01-06 WSJ: Czech leaders agree on new centre-left government
2014-01-01 ECB: Latvia joins the euro area

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