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Since May 2010, the euro area Member States and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been providing financial support to Greece in the context of a sharp deterioration in its financing conditions. The aim is to support the Greek government's efforts to restore fiscal sustainability and to implement structural reforms in order to improve the competitiveness of the economy, thereby laying the foundations for sustainable economic growth. More

This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Greece on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Greece and Cyprus. 

Task Force for Greece: supporting vital reforms for economic recovery and job creation

Greece: Policy Recommendations Provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2009 

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Greece - 20156 articles out of 6.

2014 Greece
2014-09-30 Reuters: Greek banks win restructuring plan reprieve in ECB tests - sources
2014-09-24 Greece: PM meets Merkel
2014-07-23 Greece: Seventh Activity Report of the Task Force for Greece
2014-07-13 ECB: Benoît Cœuré, Member of the Executive Board interview on Greece
2014-07-09 EFSF approves €1 billion disbursement to Greece; Eurozone ministers review its progress
2014-06-19 Greece to adopt reform measures
2014-06-01 Schäuble: Third Greek bailout likely to be less than €10 billion
2014-05-30 IMF approves €3.41 billion disbursement to Greece
2014-05-01 EC: Greece's debt dynamics have slightly worsened
2014-04-30 EFSF approves €6.3 billion disbursement to Greece
2014-04-23 Commission confirms Greek primary surplus
2014-04-17 Reuters/Legrain: Did Europe misdiagnose debt crisis and make it worse?
2014-04-15 Greece returns to bond markets, says end of bailout nears
2014-04-14 Graham Bishop's Blog: Greece - This is NOT the moment to default
2014-04-09 Greece to return to bond markets
2014-04-01 Eurogroup: Greece funded for next 12 months, hopes to return to markets
2014-03-26 Kathimerini: Stournaras spells out 'no more taxes'
2014-03-23 Simon Nixon: Greece able to call its own tune
2014-03-20 EESC: Greece and the EU - From economic austerity to social growth
2014-03-19 Troika statement on the review mission to Greece - Greek coalition aims to secure next bailout tranche
2014-03-13 ESM/Regling: Interview in Ir magazine
2014-03-11 Sixth Activity Report of the Task Force for Greece: Stepping up implementation
2014-03-10 Eurogroup urges Greece and Troika to conclude review this week
2014-03-07 ESM/Regling: Priority is to create a real integrated banking market again without fragmentation
2014-03-06 BoG: 2013 Stress test of the Greek banking sector - Top banks need €6.4 billion in extra capital
2014-02-27 Governor Provopoulos on Bank of Greece's 2013 annual report: "Indications are that 2013 was the last year of recession"
2014-02-26 Kathimerini: Preliminary deal on bank needs
2014-02-25 Patrick Jenkins: Greece's plight offers clue to future of EU banking system
2014-02-24 BoG/Provopoulos: From financial crisis to financial stability - A European odyssey
2014-02-10 Greek government denies it requires third bailout
2014-02-08 Interview with ESM/Regling in Swedish publication, Dagens Industri
2014-02-03 Germany preparing third financial rescue for Greece
2014-01-24 OECD: Is Greece at a turning point?
2014-01-23 Kathimerini: Troika says Greece must dismantle barriers to competition for review to conclude
2014-01-16 Kathimerini: BoG head says banks may need more funds
2014-01-07 EUobserver: Eurozone fund chief dashes Greek hopes for debt deal

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