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Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April Video

Presentation on TEF to ECON Text

Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers' link

Monthly Assessment of EU integration progress link
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Graham Bishop @GrahamBishopcom
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RT @SharonBowlesMEP: "MiFID – Dog Days, dogs of war and dogs that didn't bite" - read my speech to the British Banker's Association here: h…
1:18 PM Apr 24

RT @EuropeDecides: Multilingual, popular, heavyweight: @FT report on No 10's criteria for selecting UK nominee to Commission (€)

10:46 AM Apr 24

#ESMA comments on the #IFRS Interpretations Committee's decisions

10:42 AM Apr 24

William #Coen appointed as the next Secretary General of the #Basel Committee

11:23 AM Apr 23

#ESMA publishes updated data on performance of the Credit Rating Agencies

11:08 AM Apr 23

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Graham presenting his Plan for the Treasury Bill Fund to ECON 1/04/14

Welcome to Graham

Tracking developments in the European Financial Markets

The euro area has taken several giant steps towards greater economic and financial integration in recent months: The Fourth European Semester is well underway; the `Two Pack’ has been operated for the first time; the Single Supervisory Mechanism is enacted and the Single Resolution Mechanism finally agreed – to name just the leading examples.

The peddlers of fears about an imminent collapse of the euro have been silenced – but no-one should be complacent when average public debt ratios are close to 100% of GDP. So the publication of the Report on DRFs and Eurobills by the European Commission’s Expert Group is timely. In response, President Barroso said “we need to have a democratic debate on these ideas with citizens, governments and the European Parliament. The upcoming European elections are a prime opportunity to discuss what kind of Union we really want.”  After these elections, the new Parliament and Commission can return to these issues – with the proposal for a Temporary Eurobill Fund (TEF) firmly on the table. (more details - see below)

My consultancy services are designed to maximise your firm’s ability to tap into my overview of progress in fitting together the jigsaw of these developments. That overview is essential as they span such diverse subjects that many firms are not structured to deal with the implications for their business.

Closer political union but still possible disintegration: you need to have your finger on this pulse.

If you do business in Britain, you must also work through the implications of the Prime Minister's effective commitment to a referendum that could see Britain exit the EU - 'Brexit'.

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Consultancy Financial Services Euro Crisis Education and Learning


In these times of unprecedented uncertainty over the EU and the euro, Graham Bishop brings his own unique perspective on where we are now, and how new regulations could affect the financial services industry in the future. 

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Graham's Services include:

Corporate Advisor to Banks & Hedge Funds
Graham provides regular support to a limited number of major banks, hedge funds and financial institutions.
Regular private reviews, 1 to 1 meetings, input to key committees

Private Briefings
A private meeting either on the general situation or on areas of specific interest. 
Specialist Briefings on key issues. Either as a one off or a package of 5 over a year

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The Long Road to a Temporary Eurobill Fund

If you would like to support Graham Bishop’s contribution to European integration, please `crowd-fund’ the Friends of the TEF at €10 per month: click here



1 April

ECON: Public Hearing

31 March

Expert Group Report presented to EC President Barroso




Graham Bishop on TEF: Latest Summary


Expert Group set up by European Commission


ECON agrees the 2-Pack with Commission promise of an Expert Group.


Graham Bishop: Bolstering the Still-Fragile Euro: A Plan for a Temporary Eurobill Fund




Goulard Report to ECON


European  Commission Blueprint for a deep and genuine economic and monetary union


Four Presidents report “Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union’


First ELEC Euro-Treasury Bill Proposal




European Commission Green Paper on feasibility of Stability Bonds


ELEC: A two-year refinancing for all € bill/most bond maturities until 2013: An “EMU Bond Fund” Proposal from ELEC


ELEC Group first meeting

What is the TEF?

Read my presentation to ECON      here

Quotes from Graham Bishop

"Either the euro area will develop into a close political union during the next decade, or it will disintegrate - we had better be prepared for either scenario."


"Bishop Bills are the front runner plan to save the euro area from ruin."