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What is Capital Market Union?: You heard it from Graham Bishop first - 3 July '14; Now he explains it - in 130 words

Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April

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Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers'

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Graham Bishop @GrahamBishopcom
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103rd #Bforbreakfast: #CommissionerHill; #AQR; #stresstest; bond settlement to 2 days and much more

4:27 PM Oct 16

#EBA consults on simple, standard and transparent #securitisations and their potential #regulatory recognition

9:38 PM Oct 14

RT @FedTrust: Event 16 Oct: "Reflating the Eurozone: The Case for #Eurobonds": Stuart Holland, @GrahamBishopcom, Dr Michael Lloyd,

3:28 PM Oct 14

RT @BXL4Breakfast: Tomorrow #BXL4Breakfast on #EPhearings2014, #stresstests

7:26 AM Oct 14

#EBA releases work plans for 2015

6:41 AM Oct 14

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The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is the third largest political group in the European Parliament. Amongst its strategic priorities, ALDE is working for a Europe which addresses the key economic and financial weaknesses of the economy to prevent a further credit crunch by reaffirming confidence in banks and tighter supervision over the financial sector in general. ALDE website

ALDE8 articles out of 19.
13 Mar 2014 Plenary Session: Troika helped to avoid the worst, but flawed structure harmed recovery

11 Mar 2014 MEPs vote to strengthen and streamline financial supervision system

05 Mar 2014 Commission concludes in-depth reviews to identify macroeconomic imbalances and assesses progress in fiscal consolidation

25 Feb 2014 ECON Committee: EU/ECB/IMF Troika needs fixing, but ministers must shoulder responsibilities

25 Feb 2014 Plenary Session: Report on the European Semester for Economic Policy Coordination - Annual Growth Survey 2014

04 Feb 2014 Plenary Session: Financial market manipulators may face at least four years in jail

04 Feb 2014 Plenary Session: Total cross-party unity against bad deal on bank resolution

12 Jan 2014 Amendments to Basel III's leverage ratio issued by the Basel Committee

ALDE11 articles out of 77.
04 Dec 2013 GOV.UK unveils UK Insurance Growth Action Plan/National Infrastructure Plan; insurance industry commits £25bn to domestic infrastructure

20 Nov 2013 Plenary Session: Key things small investors should be told

04 Nov 2013 In with reform or out with no influence - UK's CBI chief makes case for EU membership

22 Oct 2013 Give small investors key facts, says ECON Committee

ALDE16 articles out of 79.
29 Mar 2012 ALDE statement on EMIR’s adoption: EP ensured more choice and efficient services for consumers

ALDE0 articles out of 15.

ALDE0 articles out of 1.