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How Likely is Greece to Exit the Euro?

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Tracking developments in financial integration that will deepen EMU and create a Capital Market Union

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In the next few years, your business will face many risks, but these will also be opportunities for the well-informed.  

Deepening EMU:The election of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the European Commission will unleash a further wave of reform – though everyone has a different definition of the term! In recent years, the euro area has taken several giant steps towards greater economic and financial integration with much more to come. The peddlers of fears about an imminent collapse of the euro have been silenced – but no-one should be complacent when average public debt ratios are close to 100% of GDP. That fear will push further integration of the financial system with Capital Market Union as the next big step. Read the overview of our services to see how we can help you.

`Brexit’: A country that is haemorrhaging influence in Europe and is also addicted to capital inflows to sustain its living standards will be at grave risk from a rising perception of possible Brexit – let alone the reality. If you do business in (and with) Britain, you must work through the implications of the Prime Minister's risky strategy to achieve his definition of “reform” – leading on to a referendum that could yet see Britain exit the EU. Your support for my pro bono work will enable me to participate more substantially in the campaign to keep Britain a full, committed and active member of the European Union. Such activity with a wide spread of the pro-European think tanks and lobby groups in the UK is essential.

The Knowledge Centre of our website gives you the torrent of facts as they unfold. But what are the implications?  My personal consultancy services are designed to maximise your ability to tap into my overview of progress in fitting together the jigsaw of these risky developments. That overview is essential as they span such diverse subjects that many firms are not structured to deal with the implications for their business.

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Consultancy Financial Services Deepening EMU Education and Learning

In these times of unprecedented uncertainty over the deepening of EMU, Graham Bishop brings his own unique perspective on where we are now, and how new regulations and risks could affect the financial services industry in the future. 

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Graham's Services include:

  • Corporate Advisor to Banks & Hedge Funds: Graham provides regular support to a limited number of major banks, hedge funds and financial institutions. (Fees may be paid via a MiFID-Compliant Commission Sharing Arrangement)
  • Private Briefings: A private meeting for corporate risk managers on the general situation or on areas of specific interest.
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Either the euro area will develop into a close political union during the next decade, or it will disintegrate - we had better be prepared for either scenario."



Bishop Bills are the front runner plan to save the euro area from ruin."