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Participants in the 2011 ELEC Working Group

All members participated in their personal capacity and do not represent the views of their institution. Naturally, not all members agree with every aspect of the scheme. We are grateful to others who contributed to the discussions and provided illuminating insights.

The participants came from Austria (Franz Nauschnigg, OeNB), France (René Karsenti, ICMA), Spain (Nicolás Trillo Ezquerra, BBVA), UK (Graham Bishop) and the Netherlands (Niels Gilbert, DNB; René Smits, University of Amsterdam; Wim Boonstra and Shahin Kamalodin, Rabobank; Marko Bos, European Movement, Netherlands, Alman Metten,former MEP.

Wim Boonstra acted as Chairman and Graham Bishop as Rapporteur.