The Guardian: Scottish independence surveys 'show Brexit has put union at risk'

04 February 2020

One of the UK’s leading pollsters has warned that Brexit has put the union at risk after another survey showed a narrow lead for Scottish independence.

Sir John Curtice, of the University of Strathclyde, said the poll by Panelbase putting the yes vote at 52% confirmed a trend showing a gradual increase in support for leaving the UK, post-Brexit.

Three polls in the past five days had put the yes vote at 50% or higher. “The pursuit of Brexit is putting support for the union at risk, that’s the very clear lesson,” Curtice said.

The Panelbase poll, commissioned by the pro-independence blog ScotGoesPop, follows a poll last week by YouGov putting the yes vote at 51%. A Survation poll for the Sunday Times two days ago showed an even 50/50 split between yes and no.

Those figures in all three polls excluded don’t knows, which in the case of the YouGov poll were as high as 10%. Curtice said that despite this, they confirmed a consistent trend showing that pro-EU voters who previously rejected independence were now switching to yes.

The Scottish National party were delighted with the shift in support, which increased pressure on the UK government to prove Scotland would benefit from Boris Johnson’s policies post-Brexit.

Keith Brown, the SNP’s deputy leader, said the momentum for staging a fresh independence referendum, which has been repeatedly rejected by Johnson, was now unstoppable.

“The Tories are running scared of democracy but their opposition to a referendum is completely unsustainable,” Brown said. “The more Boris Johnson seeks to deny people in Scotland the right to determine our future, the more support for independence will continue to grow.” [...]

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