El Español: Brexit, so what?

04 July 2019

El Español reflects on the past 3 years and how gradually the initial fear of Spanish companies of a no-deal Brexit has subsided.

When the UK voted to leave, it looked like Brexit would complicate business for Spanish companies with interests in the UK, mainly those related to tourism. However, it seems like companies have been adapting to the idea and uncertainty of Brexit and although the possible exit of the UK from the EU without an agreement is still possible. Companies such as Iberia, Meliá or Aena say they don’t believe anymore that Brexit will have a significant impact on their activity and want to keep the UK as one of their key markets. The reason for this change in behaviour is partly the time the companies had to prepare for different scenarios and the confidence of companies such as Iberia and Aena that the EU and the UK will an agreement for the air transport sector.

Read the article in Spanish: Meliá, Iberia y Aena pierden el miedo al 'brexit' tres años después del referéndum
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