The Guardian: Donald Tusk claims anti-European forces meddled in Brexit vote

05 March 2019

Donald Tusk has claimed external powers meddled in the Brexit vote as he called for EU member states to do more to protect the upcoming European elections.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels with the Armenian prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan, the European council president said he agreed with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, who used a column in the Guardian and other newspapers to call on European countries to be alert to malign influences.

“There are external anti-European forces, which are seeking – openly or secretly – to influence the democratic choices of Europeans, as was the case with Brexit and a number of election campaigns across Europe. And it may again be the case with the European elections in May,” said Tusk, a former prime minister of Poland and vociferous critic of Vladimir Putin.

Tusk’s intervention echoed fears Russia sought to foment anti-EU sentimentduring the 2016 EU referendum campaign in the UK. Dear Europe, Brexit is a lesson for all of us: it’s time for renewal

Following an inquiry into the dissemination of disinformation, a select committee of the British parliament last month called for the government to urgently examine the impact of foreign powers on the result of that vote.

Tusk urged those who supported the EU to be vigilant for signs of interference. “Do not allow political parties that are funded by external forces, hostile to Europe, to decide on key priorities for the EU, and the new leadership of European institutions,” he said.

“We cannot wait for the renaissance of Europe – the renaissance of Europe must start now.” [...]

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