Theresa May's Brexit speech

17 January 2017

Prime Minister May delivered her much-trailed “Brexit framework” speech this morning… but is it coherent and consistent? The short answer is No.

The plan is riddled with inconsistencies and sets out to `cherry-pick’ the Single Market – precisely what EU27 have refused to countenance as it would open the door to a complete undermining of the Single Market. This great Parliamentarian has graciously agreed to allow Parliament a vote on the final deal… but it is actually putting a cocked gun to Parliament’s head: refuse the deal and we crash out of the EU a few months afterwards with no deal at all. Maybe EU 27 will suddenly offer unanimous agreement to a longer ratification period after the deal is agreed. Then the deadline would fall beyond the May 2020 date for the UK’s next General Election. An outbreak of democracy forced on the Mother of Parliaments by the EU! [...]

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