A deeper and fairer Single Market: Commission boosts opportunities for citizens and business

29 October 2015

The European Commission has presented a roadmap to deliver on President Juncker’s political commitment to unleash the full potential of the Single Market and make it the launchpad for Europe to thrive in the global economy.

The Single Market is one of Europe’s greatest achievements, designed to allow goods, services, capital and people to move more freely. It offers opportunities for professionals and businesses and a greater choice and lower prices for consumers. It enables people to travel, live, work and study wherever they wish. But these opportunities do not always materialise, because single market rules are not known, not implemented or simply jeopardised by unjustified barriers. And the Single Market needs to adapt to reflect today's realities: innovative ideas and new business models must find their place too. [...]

The actions agreed today will deliver results for:


Supporting all this, the Commission will work hand in hand with Member States and market participants to create a real culture of compliance for Single Market rules. Particular attention will be paid to the services sector and to public procurement, which is essential to spend taxpayer money efficiently. The Commission will strengthen mutual recognition to open up more opportunities to companies that want to expand cross-border. It will also reinforce market surveillance in the area of goods to keep non-compliant products from the EU market. And it will propose a market information tool, which will allow the Commission to collect comprehensive, reliable and unbiased information from selected market players with a view to improve the Commission’s ability to monitor and enforce EU rules in priority areas.

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