Consultation procedure on European Company Law framework

25 April 2002

The High Level Group of Company Law Experts set up by the European Commission has launched consultations on possible reforms to company law in Europe. The Group will provide the Commission with recommendations for a modern regulatory European company law framework in order to produce its final report later this year.

The issues covered include both general themes and the following seven specific issues. The consultative document contains the following chapters with the main topics of the consultation:

  • Chapter 2: General Themes
  • Chapter 3: Specific Topics
    3.1. Corporate Governance
    3.2. Shareholder Information, Communication and Decision-making
    3.3. Alternatives to Capital Formation and Maintenance Rules
    3.4. The Functioning of Groups of Companies
    3.5. Corporate Restructuring and Mobility
    3.6. The European Private Company
    3.7. Co-operatives and Other Forms of Enterprise
  • Annex 1: List of existing European Company Law instruments
  • Annex 2: List of proposed European Company Law instruments

    Responses to the consultation will be taken into account in the Group's final report later this year. This report is due to suggest specific priorities and measures for reforming company law.

    All parties interested in and concerned with company law in Europe are invited to comment on the issues specified in the mandate of the Group. The Group has also identified a number of general themes which appear to be of importance for the future development of company law in Europe. This consultative document does not pretend to present a full and exhaustive discussion of all of these issues.

    The work undertaken by the High Level Group of Company Law Experts essentially deals with company law issues, covering both publicly traded companies as well as others. The present consultation paper is not intended to duplicate consultations undertaken by the Commission on ISD and CESR on Market Abuse and Prospectuses.

    The deadline for comments is 21 June 2002.

    See the Groups Consultative Document,
    Annex 1 List of existing European Company Law instruments,
    Annex 2 List of proposed European Company Law instruments and the
    Commission press release which also includes the links for an online response to the consultation paper.

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