Deloitte: UK CFOs shrug off Grexit risks and back EU membership

06 July 2015

Three quarters of Britain’s finance chiefs urge the UK to remain in the European Union, according to a survey made to the views of 122 CFOs of FTSE 350.

The fears about political risk and policy uncertainty, which dampened corporate spirits in the run up to the General Election, have fallen away. Despite the intensifying crisis in Greece, corporate risk apettite rose in the second quarter and CFOs have become markedly more enthusiastic about pursuing growth stategies. In a striking sign that recovery is gaining ground, the prospect of higher interest rates now tops CFOs list of potential business risks.

The election of a majority Conservative government has turned a referendum on membership from a possibility to certainty. Yet CFOs are now more relaxed about holding an EU referendum than they were before the election, perhaps because they believe the vote will endorse continued membership. 74% believe that it is in the interests of UK business for the UK to remain within the EU while 2% disagree.

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