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22 July 2019

YouGov: Half of Britons think Theresa May was a bad PM

Research by pollster YouGov shows that half of the public (49%) believe May has been a bad PM, compared to just one in five (21%) who think she’s performed well in the role.

At the beginning of her stint in power May’s favourability figures were positive (+12) which meant more people felt favourably of her than unfavourably. This has since slumped into negative territory (-30) with 29% having a favourable view of May and 59% having an unfavourable view. [...]

A successful Brexit was always meant to be May’s legacy, but she was unsuccessful, and 73% of Britons now believe she handled the issue badly.

May’s latest favourability figures are now back up, but still negative, at -30. Almost a third (29%) have a favourable view of her, compared to just 23% at the beginning of June.


But May is still viewed as more incompetent than competent (45% to 40%) and is leaving with 58% of the public seeing her as a weak Prime Minister, contrary to her “strong and stable” 2017 campaign. [...]

Full results on YouGov

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